The Foil Hat

Okay, I have to tell you all about this. I frequently post on a message board, a homeschooling one. I had been keeping them all posted on my recent struggle with headaches (neckaches, blah blah blah, etc…) One kind friend felt so sorry for me (after posted about how I threw my back out and cranked my sciatic nerve almost two weeks ago) that she decided to send me a little care package.

She does this business and homeschools her children and does all the other things that we stay at home Moms do.

When she told me she was going to send me a little something I was already dumbfounded by her kindness. I figured it would be a bar of soap… or two. No… no… no…

She sent me a HUGE gift basket of soaps!! It came with at least three bars of wonderful smelling soap for me (one of them smelling like CHOCOLATE), a little wooden soap dish, a scrubbing “puff ball,” pure shea butter lotion that has already done a miracle healing on my feet, body smoothing sugar scrub (keep in mind all of her stuff is hand made, pure and free of stuff that you can’t pronounce on the label), three bags of bath “tea” that smells divine, two bars of manly soap for my dh (that really does smell like the labels she has given them; salty sea breeze was one of them I believe), and a bag of “soap rocks” for my boys (they look exactly like rocks and the kids love them!) And I have a good feeling I left out a few items that I can’t remember at the moment. Needless to say the package was positively brimming with delightful goodies that I will enjoy every moment of using!

I think of her sweet spirit and her generosity every time I wash my hands now!

Anyways, I figure one way to thank her is by sending as much business her way as possible. Go to her site at The Foil Hat and buy yourself or someone you love some truly wonderful homemade soap! I think she has “earned” herself a permanent link in my sidebar too!

Thanks for letting me share! And thank you Amy!!


2 thoughts on “The Foil Hat”

  1. I’m slow, but I’m finally catching up. I’m so glad you like the stuff. Now, to keep feeling human! 8) Thanks for the plug.

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