Monday Miscellany


First I must tell you about what I received in the mail today! It was a great birthday present!! I received a calendar and a year in photos of my buddy Ree’s beautiful photography. About three or four weeks after she started her blog last year I told her she better publish a coffee table book full of her incredible photography and her insidiously funny stories about life on a ranch (or about life before life on a ranch). So it seems that she is on the road to such a momentous event. Even though I have an early version of it, I will still purchase the full hard cover edition when she publishes it. (Hello… any agents or publishers out there reading this, please take note and snatch this girl up before someone else does! If you don’t, you are a simpleton… Oh and if you want, I’ll send you some of my work too… but I’m not as convinced of my own talent and marketability as I am of Ree’s!)

Thank you Ree! You have earned a (Hallmark quality) poem in your honor.

You rock.
You roll.
You are cool.
You’re a doll.
You’re the best.
You are neat.
You take pretty pictures.
You’re humor’s off beat.
Your #1.
You’re the bee’s knees.
Can I have your autograph, pretty please?
You’re a pioneer woman who lives off the land.
You make country living look way less than bland.
Your writing is funny to say the least.
Your blog is a daily gut busting feast.
You’ve made me into a blogging glut and
to think it all started with one cow nut.
Blog on Pioneer Woman.
Blog on.

Yesterday was my second boy’s birthday! Happy birthday T!! He got a sweet handful of really cool gifts

Tomorrow is my (THIRTIETH) birthday. I will officially be able to thank people when they tell me that I look 17 or 15 or 12. (Yes, believe it or not people have said that.) Up until now such comments were the bane of my existence. But as of tomorrow such comments will be welcomed like old chums. I will start answering, “Why yes” when people ask me if I am 17. I will start saying, “No. I’m not old enough to have all of these children. The oldest here was born when I was 9.”

I have to say, among birthdays, this has been my best one yet and it hasn’t even happened yet. My husband got me (and him!) a beautiful piece of artwork as up until now we have had mournfully barren walls in our living room. I got the aforementioned package in the mail from Ree. A dear friend (who orchestrated and designed our yard landscaping, and put in countless hours of work for us FOR FREE) gave me a wonderful bag of gardening tools and goodies which will be handy for years to come! Another sweet friend gave me a beautiful carved wooden box from India. There were a handful of other very kind gifts as well. Over all, this birthday I am finding my number one gift is that I am incredibly blessed with some very dear friends. This is more appreciated than many may know as I do not have family nearby.

However even though I do not have family nearby, I am told that I have a gift in the mail that is due to arrive any day from all of my family back home in California. My curiosity is beginning to eat away at me!!

Thirty isn’t so scary. Thirty is turning out to be the year that shows to me how blessed I truly am in so many ways, by so many people.


My oldest son who will be 7 in April, as I have mentioned before, is becoming a writer in his own right. His skills are developing and I am proud to present his work, with his permission, now and then here on my blog.

So I am now going to share two of his most recent stories. I hope you enjoy them as I have.

Switching place?

Once upon a time there was a rich family. One day the father could not run the family anymore. At once he had an idea. He would make his son take his place.

So he went to his son’s room and kneeled down and said, “This is my dream like white light. Please, please, please take my place please! How pathetic!”

“I can’t think of anything to run the family either,” said the son.

So they decided to depart family and go to the circus each day.

The End


When I was Stranded…

When I was stranded I was weak when I first struck shore after my ship shrunk and was history. I moved forward until I reached a grove of palm trees. I saw wonderful creatures of each kind. I knew what to do.

I had to explore. I had to hunt. I had to raise guard animals. I had to pick fruit. I had to keep alive! This is what I had to only stick with.

First I explored an iron cave with crystals. But it had one dangering sight, cobras!! I had to attack before they attacked. I forgot I had a bullet belt that each side had a different kind of bullet. I loaded my gun and different colors and blasts came out when I shot.

Soon they were dead on the ground. Then I looked at the crystals and I saw that it contained fibres of minerals.

Then I climbed palm trees, made friends with the monkeys, and pcked cocoa nuts. It was hard for the first day on the island.

The End

(He is currently reading The Swiss Family Robinson which was his inspiration for this story.)


3 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany”

  1. Nan, I’m reading this on TUESDAY, so HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO YOU, TO YOU! And yes, it DOES seem like it has already been a good one! :)You MUST keep your son’s early “works”–quite the imagination he has going there (made me grin out loud). I’ve enjoyed seeing some of my early “writings”, treasures of my past, but I think I was about 2 years older than him. He’ll love reading it when he’s (ahem) your age ;).

  2. singing happy birthday I’m remembering my 30th – and will post on it sometime. It seems like yesterday — and yet it was so very long agothe son’s work is a crack-up.All that and one day on the island. Where did Robinson Crusoe go with Friday on Saturday night?

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