My song for the day

Here’s my latest, must play it over and over again until I’m absolutely sick of it Jars of Clay song that I have latched onto. I think we’re going to see them next month. I can’t wait. If you want to hear a clip, go to this page and click on The Eleventh Hour (or any other song that suits your fancy.) I like this compilation cd but I’d have to say that my favorite remix of all of their songs on this cd is this one. Of course I don’t think any of their former albums hold a candle to their most recent Good Monsters release. But if you like new mixes of old hymns you might enjoy Redemption songs too. It’s on a totally different plane though.

You all must think I listen to just about nothing else. I do. In fact Jars of Clay, though I used to actually not care for them so much, is one of the handful of Christian bands that I really like because they are deep lyrically and really talented. I hate knock offs that could easily have a tag line of “the Christian version of….(name your least favorite pop star or rock band or your most favorite ever American Idol wannabe)” **shudder** I can’t stand those… which amounts, unfortunately to almost 90% of what they play on Christian radio. It’s what we have not so affectionately termed, “Christian Cheese” in our family. Not only does such music torture my ears, making me want to dig out my tympanic membranes with a tuning fork and smash them underfoot on a gravelly road to nowhere, not only does it cause me to want to plunge my soul into a pungent vat of Vodka and hold it down at the bottom with a meat skewer until it is thoroughly wiped, it also makes me sad.

So without further ado I bring you — nice music, good lyrics, cool guys. And all this comes from a totally untrained person, musically speaking. It’s just my personal opinions, uneducated as they are. So take from it what you will… and throw the rest on a gravelly road to nowhere and get stompin’.

“The Eleventh Hour”

Trace the shape of my heart
Till it becomes more familiar
To your eyes
I’ve been lost without you
Cold without your love
It’s taken days and nights
To make me realize

Rescue me from hanging on this line
I won’t give up on giving you
The chance to blow my mind
Let the eleventh hour quickly
Pass me by
I’ll find you when I think
I’m out of time

Take the place of my heart
Till I become a stranger to my life
I’ve been down without you
Wrong without your love
In time will I be what
You’re thinking of

Out of time

I’ve been down without you
Cold without your love
In time will I be what
You’re thinking of



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