This should be fun!

I was contacted by a marketing manager and am looking forward to reading and reviewing a handful of children’s books from, a publisher of children’s books based in California.

I’m not quite sure when I will be receiving the selection of books but I will begin reviewing them one by one over a couple of weeks as I make my way through them.

As a homeschooling Mom, wannabe writer and little known blogger, I am excited about this fun opportunity. Just thought I’d let you all know! As funny as this is, this is the closest I’ve come to a “job” in years! :^D Ha ha!


3 thoughts on “This should be fun!”

  1. Wow, what great news! I hope they will be paying you for your time. Which is so valuable. I love reading your blog. My sil has added you as a favorite too!

  2. Greta, that would be nice! But at this point I am happy to do anything like this as it works my writing muscles. I blog for free… I read for free… so I’m not too upset about reading to blog for free (at this point.) ;^PSomeday!Nan

  3. How cool is this? I guess you’re paying your dues, right? Folgers asked me to review their gourmet coffees (on my old Pensieve blog), and sent me a pound each of three different flavors. I considered that a wonderful paycheck ;). Looking forward to your thoughts!

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