This is just too funny…

My husband sent me this link saying, “Vanity has taken itself to a new low.”

I had to laugh when I saw the link and the short clip of what this new camera/photo editing effect can do for your figure. You know, between this, the new “vanity sizes” (which I’m so not opposed to by the way! LOL!), and having circus mirrors installed in all of our homes we could all go about with our heads in the clouds thinking that we’re in much better shape than we truly are!

How many of us laugh, then secretly wish we had this feature with our photo editing software and yet at some point have looked at a magazine cover and comforted ourselves with the fact that, “those faces are so airbrushed” or “those things are so fake” or “I wonder how much she paid for that feature?” Perhaps we may not be all that opposed to a little optical illusion now and again after all!

It seems now that airbrushing and slimming features in photo editing software are in the hands of every day folk, we may be getting a little less critical of those “fake airbrushed” ladies that we see on magazine covers.

Of course… we can still be annoyed with them for having hairdressers, make up artists, nannies and cleaning ladies at their “disposal” right? Phew!


2 thoughts on “This is just too funny…”

  1. what would you have them air brush??I’d like to get rid of my belly and hips.I don’t mind the gray hair and wrinkler… I think I worked hard for those.

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