Do you like Coldplay?

Coldplay is probably my second favorite band, to U2.

How do put into words what your thoughts are when watching this? It’s just neat. As lame as that description is… I think it’s just plain neat.


5 thoughts on “Do you like Coldplay?”

  1. Okay, so I’m only vaguely familiar with the name of this band, but the video was very touching. So, I looked up Coldplay and found their MySpace page. I have actually heard some of their songs, and I think my kids have talked about them. I’ll have to check out more of their stuff. It doesn’t sound like my usual type of thing, but different is good now and then.

  2. Jenni, as far as secular rock, Coldplay is about as mild as you can get… and yet they are incredibly popular.We *LOVE* Coldplay. Their most recent CD (other than a compilation) is X&Y and it is so so good. The last one (which got us hooked on Coldplay) is Coldplay Live 2003.Chris Martin (lead singer) is Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband. I think he’s terrible in concert (when he does anything other than sit at his piano because he tries to dance… not good.) But they are incredible. Really.We used one of the songs, “Talk” during a slide show at my brother’s funeral. It was very moving and several people told me they went and bought the cd because of it.Nan

  3. What was the name of that song, and was there any history to this video? I would be really curious to know what that performance was. It was very touching.Warmly,Kate

  4. Hi Kate,The song is called Fix You. I don’t know about the concert (or event) at which this was recorded though. It almost looks like a retirement center “glee club.” ?? I wish I knew the full scoop.Nan

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