Oh my…

This is one of those, “You know you are homeschoolers when…” posts.

On Sunday evening we had some friends over to watch the Superbowl (which I didn’t really watch for longer than 15 minutes anyways). A few of us ladies were sitting at the table as were a few of my children. My five year old was being very silly as he is wont to do. He was pouring his drink back and forth between two cups. An empty can of rootbeer was sitting next to one of the cups.

He said, “I shouldn’t pour this back into here. That would be a non sequitur.”

This is where my friends looked at him like he had a third head. Then of course they looked at me for an explanation of this verbiage that poured forth from the exuberantly chatty child’s mouth. I had to admit to a game that we invented while on a road trip on our way back home from California a few years back. My excuse for this is that you will do *almost* anything to occupy the minds of your children while on a road trip in any way that keeps them from threatening to start a revolution. Plus, it teaches them logic. Right?

We would make a statement and the children would have to shout either “SEQUITUR!” or “NON SEQUITUR!” based on whether or not the inference or conclusion logically follows the premise.

For example we would say, “My nose hurts because there is hair growing on the windshield.” Someone would then shout “NON SEQUITUR!” or “SEQUITUR!” and would thence be awarded or docked a point based on whether or not they answered correctly.

This game really was fun because the kids loved the hilariously entertaining non sequiturs that Mom and Dad came up with. Often they wouldn’t even be able to get out their answers because they were laughing through tears and doubling over in gut wrenching guffaws.

“The books are ripped because I ate buffalo toenails for lunch.”

“My spleen has fallen out because you stepped on my pinky toe!”

“I was electricuted because I picked my nose while eating fig newtons.”

“The car will explode in 32 seconds because I secretly installed a nuclear device in it.”
(Just kidding… we kept them lighter than that!)

Don’t you see how this could be a fun game? Plus, it leads to your children using big words in front of your friends which makes them look at you like you like you have some serious explaining to do. Other than explaining why your five year old just used a term denoting a logical fallacy, it’s really quite a funny game. You should try it some time.


4 thoughts on “Oh my…”

  1. Your family is wordy but not nerdy! To tell you the truth, I had never really known what a non sequitur was – and now I do. By the way I just posted my first actual post on my Genealogy Joanie blogspot.

  2. Ooh! Good one… I *think* it’s a non sequitur… but that depends, I suppose, on your definition of beauty! You truly have me stumped! LOL!

  3. I’m laughing because we call our second son the king of non sequiturs.Sequitur!We really do. It’s the beauty of Asperger Syndrome. Andrew frequently responds with statements that make absolutely NO sense to anyone involved but him. But it’s hilarious!

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