It's time to play: Name that substance!

Aren’t you thrilled? Could you possibly be more excited? The winner of this prize will get a lifetime supply of self-satisfaction for having won this inane contest. (Sorry… my prizes match my photography ability!)

What could it possibly be? Is it animal, vegetable, mineral or monster? Is it something unearthed from the mesozoic era by an unsuspecting archaeologist? Is it an overcooked rubberized Swedish Pancake? Or was it created in the lab of a sinister bushy browed mad scientist as one of many tools in a veritable arsenal assembled as part of a dastardly plan to take over the world?

What is it? Whatever it is, it’s scary as a mask isn’t it?

***Please vote and then click here for the answer!***


9 thoughts on “It's time to play: Name that substance!”

  1. Sadly, looks like my last attempt at candy-making. But Jessica is right, looks like an unsuccessful (er…sorry) shot at fruit roll ups.

  2. the peep hole of a piece of pleatherized Velveeta cheeseha ha ha ha… I’ve had some computer problems otherwise I’m sure I would have been here and answered it correctly

  3. I thought it was a chocolate sauce laden crepe. Dang it…I missed a contest. My life is getting in the way of blogging :/.btw, tell Pamela “cheaters never win”….!

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