So what is it?

Well, neither of my participants were correct. (I’m overwhelmed by the participation by the way! You folks rock! The best turn out for any contest I’ve held to date (that being 1). ;^P

That, my friends, is my husband staring out through the peep hole of a piece of pleatherized Velveeta cheese. To pleatherize Velveeta cheese you must first have a friend from Texas cook up a batch of “Queso” in a saucepan for your thirtieth birthday party. There must be a scorching factor where the bottom of the saucepan is heated to a degree at which point a layer of cheese amalgamates and hardens so that it cannot be removed by simple scrubbing.

Share the creamy, cheesy and beautifully melted dip with a healthy serving of tortilla chips. When it is all gone, let sauce pan soak in soapy water all night and all day. Put off doing dishes as long as humanly possible.

When kitchen begins to smell like the bottom of a Jr. High boy’s P.E. sneaker go ahead and wash the dishes. When you come to the Queso pan gently take up an edge of the industrial strength residue with the tong of a fork. You will then be able to peel the pleatherized Velveeta off in almost one smooth movement. Be careful, or you too could easily rip a peep hole in your pleatherized Velveeta. Unless you plan on wearing it as a halloween mask, you do not want holes!

This substance can then be used for any number of household projects. You can reupholster your hand me down 1970’s kitchen chairs or sew many of them together to make a pleatherized Velveeta chick motorcycle vest into which you can carve the Harley Davidson emblem like the one on my husband’s shirt or the words “Property of Snake.” You can cut them into strips and then weave them into decorative wall hangings.

Go ahead! Have fun with it! Let your imagination go!

(Who said my sister got all the crafty genes?! HA!)


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