What happens when you give your kids a camera?

I’ll tell you what happens. They go nuts. They turn into bonafide freaks. I was pleasantly surprised by some of their pictures as I scrolled through the 115 photos that they took in the 15 minutes that they had their hot little hands on my little old camera (not the new one you gave me Mom and Sandy!)… I honestly was impressed with their perspectives and the “kids’ eye views” that we got. Really, I was feeling like this was just a great idea until I scrolled far enough to see a picture of… poop. Yes, I did just say that. One of them took a disturbing picture of a freshly expunged log of poop. I’m sorry to be so foul. But I’m just being honest. I’m just telling you the terrible truth of it. When I discovered this fact, they heard my shrieks of horror from across the house. I then heard them rolling around in raucous laughter, letting out bellies full of insidious guffaws. Sometimes I’m ashamed to call them my spawn.

Below I have assembled a slide show of a selection of the images I found on the camera. Don’t worry! I left that one out! I like you all more than that! Surely we are teaching them something by setting them free with a camera right? Right??


2 thoughts on “What happens when you give your kids a camera?”

  1. Well, at least if they are going to photograph poop, they might as well get one of the TP, too. LOL That so sounds like boys. 🙂 Really those are not bad at all for kid photos.

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