Woohoo!! I met Jars of Clay!!

Tonight my husband and I went to a Jars of Clay concert. What’s crazy is that we had a hard time deciding who to go see, Switchfoot or Jars of Clay because they were booked for the same evening, same time in the same building!! It was cruelty I tell you, knowing that there were two awesome bands playing and we could only be at one of them!

But we decided on Jars of Clay because we rightly figured that Switchfoot might be catering to a slightly younger crowd (though we really do genuinely love their music no matter what the age average at their concerts.) Switchfoot did maybe steal just a bit of Jars’ thunder I think simply because they have a slightly larger audience but this only served to make our experience more enjoyable.

Once the opening bands were done playing and Jars of Clay came out onto the stage, I dragged my wonderful husband (who deep down inside was *really* happy that I was “making” him go) up to the front where there was a small crowd amassing around the stage. As soon as I got his aged booty up there he experienced an inexplicable 15 year rewind. Make no mistake about it, I was jammin’ and singing along and bee boppin’ my funky little self as much as the next guy but half way through the first song I turned around to see how my geriatric husband was enjoying the show up close.

With arms fully extended and “rock on” fists pumping he was jumping up and down with the biggest grin I think I’ve seen on his face since… gosh, I don’t know when… the day our last child was born! I suddenly thought I was married to a 20 year old. All this to say, he was having a blast.

And why not? They band was incredible. Thanks to Switchfoot stealing a portion of the would-have-been crowd we were able to stand mere feet away from the band and relive some of our concert going youthful memories. It was almost like a Diet Pepsi commercial except we decided to stay out of the “mosh pit” (which was not really a mosh pit at all.) We stayed up front for most of their performance but finally decided to give the worn out ear drums a rest and go back to our seats.

But, oh the pain of knowing that Switchfoot was playing just 300 feet away and we were not there…

After the concert ended we stood in the vestibule waiting for a person in our group to meet up with us. As we stood there we heard the stirring and unmistakable beat of a Switchfoot song coming from upstairs. Ever the stinker, I darted up those stairs and opened the door to the hallway just outside of the Switchfoot concert. I enjoyed five minutes worth of free live music! It was a beautiful thing… and it happened to be one of my favorites from their new album, Oh Gravity.

The responsible husband finally put the kabosh on this though as we had babysitters waiting at home and he descended the stairs. I stayed for another few minutes. As I came out the door, the guys from Jars of Clay were heading up the stairs to enjoy the music of Switchfoot. I suppose they don’t often get to go to their concerts. My friend said, “Hey, so you’re gonna catch a little bit of Switchfoot are you?” To which one of them replied, “Why not?” They shook our hands and we told them that they did an awesome show.

So, I’d say that meeting the guys (as in, happening to run into them… it’s not as if I introduced myself!) from the band for just a moment and catching 5 minutes worth of my other favorite band was the big red cherry on top of a really nice evening away from home and kids, a trip down memory lane, seeing my husband act a little like a teenager, a bevy of great music and good times with friends.

Thanks for letting me gush. To read my “review” of their current album, Good Monsters, click here.


9 thoughts on “Woohoo!! I met Jars of Clay!!”

  1. Fun picture of your “geriatric” jumper…They have done some wonderful music. It would be a pleasure to “sit” in one of their concerts(I have the longest word verification I’ve ever had. 8 letters)

  2. Hey Nan, I know your dh is a PCA pastor-did you know “Jars” attends a PCA church? We were members there until a couple months ago when we left to help “plant” a new church. Just thought that might be of interest. So glad you could go be a kid again!

  3. Hi Wendy! :^DYeah, I knew that. Do you know how very hard it was to keep myself from being a name dropper for that 3 second meeting?! I so wanted to say something about how cool it is that they are PCA! LOL! I can’t stand name dropping though so I held my tongue! LOL!

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