My Husband's Unfortunate Overbite

My darling husband has an unfortunate overbite. It was actually orthodontically repaired years and years ago thanks to the financial sacrifice that his parents made. Little did they know though that they were contributing to its return when they allowed him to purchase a guitar for himself when he was 15 years old.

It was a lovely little acoustic. Simple. Affordable. Perfect for his ability and price range. He still plays it. It is his only guitar. It’s starting to sound a bit buzzy. A bit pingy. But it still works. It’s seen a lot of campfires, worship services and youth activities in its time.

At some point during his college years my husband purchased for himself, or was given, an electric guitar. His parents should have been truly disappointed because this contributed to the backwards progression of the orthodontic splendor that had come of their hard earned greenbacks.

Oh, cruel wife that I am! I cared too much for his teeth… and for the closets in which this untouched and unloved instrument had been stuffed into over the years. I hated that it did nothing but take up space. I didn’t care for the amp as a clothes hanger or shoe holder or all of the other uses it had been put to other than reverberating with the sounds of a sonorous guitar. Yes… the truth is, these items were given to a kid in the youth group who would actually play them. It’s something that’s never quite been forgiven and it remains a boil-like pock on my otherwise nearly, almost, totally spotless record as a very hip wife. Shame on me.

You must be thinking that I am smoking something somewhat illegal with this odd connection between orthodontia and electric guitars but I assure you there is a distinct connection. Alas, my husband’s overbite has returned. Today his overbite is at full force. It only comes out when he is playing an electric guitar.

I don’t know how I’ve managed to make this about my husband since the truth is, we bought the guitar and amp for our little boy who is about to turn 7 and desperately wants to learn to play guitar. The guitar man highly recommended that we get the boy an electric guitar as it is much easier for a child’s hands to grasp the neck, easier for a child to manage the body, etc… Indeed, the instrument really is about my son… or sons rather as I know very well that it’s unlikely that any of them have somehow not inherited this guitar obsession along with the accompanying overbite.

However, it cannot be helped that my husband is taking certain and immense pleasure at having this sweet instrument at his fingertips as well. It’s really a joy to watch him interacting with the boys over this instrument. Happily I can say that he is a great Dad that does a lot of things with his boys but this one, I know, will bring him a great deal of joy and personal satisfaction because it is one of his great passions. It’s fun to imagine all of these guys rocking out together in about 13 years… Even the baby doesn’t appear to have escaped this love of the guitar as when Dad starts playing he starts jammin’ his little head up and down to the beat and Oh! how he wants to fiddle with the knobs on the amp.

I’m looking forward to this loud and lively journey! (And if anybody wants to know, I think the overbite is terribly cute… Please don’t be picturing Bucky Beaver. It’s nothing like that [thanks to those braces!])


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