It's a Party!

Well, until last night I had never heard of a blog party. I hadn’t been invited that I knew of. I suddenly felt a reversal of time. I was 15 years old again, wearing braces and a bad perm and feeling like quite the loner who was always just a few steps behind keeping up.

And then the person that told me to go check it out at 5 Minutes for Mom brought me back up to being 17 and one of the nameless, faceless socialites in the eleventh grade. Suddenly I was in the game. I was no longer the 12 year old girl who ocassionally forot to wear a bra and would spend the rest of the day wearing a coat and feeling like a total loser when it came time for P.E. when all truths were routinely revealed. I was no longer the 13 year old who went around feeling like Big Foot because I hadn’t shaved my legs for a week and just knew for certain that my legs were the focal point of anyone who so much as got inside of my then 15 foot radius of a personal zone.

As I read the instructions for throwing my own party I felt empowered. I felt like I had just turned 18 and was planning my first successful boy/girl birthday party ever. I imagined what music I would play, what kind of kids I would invite and was delighted to finally be of age where I didn’t have to worry about someone whipping out a bottle to play spin the bottle. I tell you, every boy/girl party I had been at for the three or four years prior to that, had been spent in never-been kissed angst over the kinds of games that would be suggested if the parents dared leave the premise… or heck… even the room! My blog party would come with none of these fears… I felt myself aging even as I moved from contemplating a blog party to copying and pasting the invite into my sidebar.

Suddenly as I saved my template changes and began to compose my post I felt myself race from 18 to 30 in no time flat. I could hear your televisions playing What Not to Wear and A Baby Show, Dr. Phil, HGTV and Sesame Street, Dragon Tales and Good Morning America in the background. I could see your children running circles around you as you tried to grab a cup of coffee and a moment to read just three minutes worth of a blog. I could see your couch piled in the laundry that you are trying to get done and your half-loaded dishwasher that you have just taken a short break from. I could hear your dog barking to go outside and your children yelling, “Wipe me!!!” and your cat deciding to walk on your keyboard and your desk phone ringing off the hook… And suddenly as I began to type I knew that I was amongst people who are much like myself…. busy people – Moms, grandmas, sisters, Dads, workin’ folks – who don’t blog or read blogs because they are lonely or bored (as an author being interviewed on the radio once accused, much to my chagrin) but because they are people-people, people who like to be connected to the world outside, who see life as something bigger and more multi-faceted than they may have ever really grasped had this wonderful thing called a weblog never been invented! (Who do we thank? Al Gore?)

I felt positively right at home hosting this blog party…. after all…. you don’t have to know if I’m hosting this party in my pajamas or a poodle skirt right? Welcome to the party. I hope you enjoy yourself!

Here is my musical contribution to the party! :^D


14 thoughts on “It's a Party!”

  1. I found you via the Ultimate Blog Party and wanted to say “Hi!”. Nice to meet another PCA homeschooler! Blessings!

  2. Haha, I think 99.999% of us bloggin’ women are bloggin for the same reason!!Nice to meet you!How do you get to heaven (in a nut shell please)??Cyah around,AV

  3. Swinging in for the party. Welcome. I am glad you could make it… I am having another party favor give away over at monkey giggles. Come on over when ya get a chance.PARTY ON…

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