Crazy Country

Canada can be quite the crazy country.

This morning it looked something like this (no I don’t live this close to a mountain but the weather was this blue and warm and lovely):

Now it looks just a little more like this (not exactly this bad yet but maybe by tonight…)


5 thoughts on “Crazy Country”

  1. Ah-h! Those purple flowers in the lower right-hand corner of your first pic blend so nicely with your blog. Are those ‘fire weed?’It was springtime here in the Rockies today. No tellin’ what we’re in store for tomorrow. Weather here changes as often as I change my mind. Hey, thanks for the visit today. Always nice to have a new comer drop by.

  2. Thanks for dropping by here!! I always see you on Ree’s blog but have never (until a few days ago) stopped by your place. I love your “blog buddy” ring… you all are hysterical and so creative. :^D

  3. Pamela, I can’t take credit for that picture. I Googled “blizzard” and found that on some Oregon weather website! LOL! I did take the first one though (a few years ago in Banff.) Swampy, I don’t know what kind of flowers those are but it was taken in the Rockies… just the Canadian Rockies. :^D We live on the Eastern side of those gorgeous mountains!

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