Go over and congratulate Ree if you haven't already!

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

She won the Bloggie award for the BEST KEPT SECRET!!! There, I just shouted it so it’s no longer a kept secret (as if it ever was!) HA! I’m so happy for her. She totally deserves it. Next year I’m hoping she wins Best Over all Blog, not to be confused with over-alls blog which would mean that she lived on a farm and not a ranch… and we know from the movie Oklahoma! that the farmer and the cowman should be friends but we don’t want to go insulting the cowman and his wife by suggesting that she has an over-alls blog. I imagine it would be a good deal less interesting than what she’s got going on. Though I’m sure farm life, over-alls included, is full of thrills all its own.

Go over and visit Ree and give her a congratulatory slap on the blog. I’m sure she will follow up all the comments with a very modest, “They like me! They really like me!! I never meant for this to happen and I don’t understand why you sadistic people like me so much…” but inside I think she knows she’s got a great thing going on (and her modesty is just another reason we all like her so much!)

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7 thoughts on “Go over and congratulate Ree if you haven't already!”

  1. I found Ree’s blog a little over a week ago when Stacie at Writing and Living posted a link to her (Ree’s)chocolate cake.I have been stalking her (in a nice friendly way) since that day.I have read every word on her website (yup. all weekend) and now have to wait for each new entry.You are her best cheerleader!!!I saw your name over there (in the comments)…and wondered if you were WTM’s nancypants…and alas….you were :o)Good to see you in this round about way!You were right all along :o)

  2. I was tickled to see you start commenting there. I love how small the blogosphere can be at times!I’ve been reading Ree since day 1 when she first posted on WTM saying, “I started a blog… so if you are totally bored and have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do, come over and see it.” Been hooked ever since.I’m so happy for her and proud of her and wickedly jealous of her! LOL! I wish I had an ounce of her talent!

  3. WTM is short for The Well Trained Mind. It’s actually a book about homeschooling but there is a message board that I am part of and that is where I met Ree (who is on the board a lot less than she used to be… busy taking pictures and reading a bizillion comments on her blog I suppose! LOL!)

  4. Thanks to you I found Ree too! She is amazingly talented and I love how she can write so eloquently about absolutely the most trivial things! To me that is what makes a good writer genius! And her photography makes me green with envy! Yep, she is a pretty amazing lady and I’m glad she won too.

  5. another Robin? And she spells her name correctly??? ha!Get this, I was thinking WTM was something (someone) like Dooce, who I had also never heard of until fairly recently. Thanks for explaining things ever-so-clearly, and oh, my! COOL artwork you’ve added today! Talent in your family….:).

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