I forgot my own Blogiversary

How could I have done such a thing? I know my archives only go back to April 2006 but I had another blog address for a month before that from which I copied all of my posts. Here’s my my first post ever.

Happy belated blogiversary to me! Thanks for joining me in my little corner of the blogosphere!


7 thoughts on “I forgot my own Blogiversary”

  1. WAAAHOOOO! So I popped over to tell ya HB and was shocked outta my gourd with your design change! Man that’s some pretty-in-purple!I wrote in private for MONTHS before I ventured out with my first comments to others. It’s been uphill? downhill?? ever since :).

  2. Thanks y’all! I’m so glad you all visit me here!!And oh, Robin, this is just a fun change because I was getting bored of brown swirls. I am actually getting a REAL blog makeover in the next few weeks! :^D I can do piddly little changes here and there but am still too much of a numbskull to make any major changes. You’ll be very shocked (hold onto your gourd) when the real change happens!

  3. Wow! Very purple! Nice!Happy Blogiversary to you! My I’m just full of exclamation points tonight! Goodnight!;)

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