The most evil brownies on the face of the planet

Is anyone other than Ree, the Pioneer Woman herself, allowed to make such bold claims? I can’t, unfortunately, claim that this is an old family recipe or that I made it up or something that I’ve made for drooling crowds of chocolate fanatics who all proclaim me a goddess or a better cook than their mother but it is a discovery that I must share. I cannot keep such wonderment to myself.

Last night my friend Karen came over while our husbands went with some other guys to take in a bit of blood and guts and gore in the way of a film. We decided to forego an evening of slaughter and disembodied entrails, opting instead to stay at home and stir up something probably equally as evil and disruptive to the digestive system but much less likely to make for a good feature film: The World’s Most Evil Brownies on the Face of the Planet! (Say this as if you are plotting to take over the world… it’s much more fun to bake when you think of it on a cataclysmic scale.)

My baking buddy, Karen, and I decided to take this evil and notch it up a few billion on the evilometer by making two batches instead of one. Because, if you must know, it was near impossible to decide whether to make these with York Peppermint Patties or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. So instead of making that decision (which is almost as hard as some of the quandries Solomon found himself in.) we made the only decision that possibly could be made. We made both. So when you go to make this, realize that if you are not a peppermint patty kind of person you can opt instead for the greater of all goods, the peanut butter cup.

If you don’t often bake large amounts of dessert… or if you don’t bake much at all you will know how odd it feels to scoop six cups of sugar into a bowl. It gives you about the same thrill as going TPing for the first time when you’re 12 years old.

I am also copying this one over to my recipe blog just to keep track of it! Thanks for partaking in this evil act with me Karen. Next time our husband’s go to a movie let’s kick it up another notch and go TPing after we make the brownies!

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3 thoughts on “The most evil brownies on the face of the planet”

  1. I cruised on over to your recipe blog to see this brownie recipe, and you are so right. These brownies are EVIL. And yet I can’t wait to find an excuse to make them. Sweets are my downfall and if they are chocolate, there is no way I can resist! Oh, and when you go TPing, let me know. I never grew out of the prank stage.By the way, I tried to do the visual DNA I saw on your blog. I copied my DNA into my post, but got an error messge when I tried to publish. Any suggestions?

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