I've mentioned her here before…

I couldn’t be more excited about someone jumping into the deep waters of the blogosphere with both feet! My almost life-long very dear friend Corrie just started her blog, One Gal’s Life in the Raw and today I was crying laughing reading about the princess wars that can take place when two little three year olds get into one dress-up box full of princess costumes. It sort of makes breaking up 20 or 30 boxing or wrestling matches a day sound like a bit of a pic-nic almost.

So I am here to give Corrie her first official plug! I love her like a sister, she’s hysterical, she has a heart of gold and I think you all will love her too! Welcome to the blogosphere Marisa Jimenez!

Paco ;^P (Don’t ask folks. It’s 15 year old inside joke.)


One thought on “I've mentioned her here before…”

  1. Nan, you are a doll! Thanks for the good words..hope I can live up to them! I just linked to the fat fight-missed that one because I was in labor that day! Very Funny!

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