Kidism #3,942.6

I was making pancakes for dinner tonight. The children smelled the goods and came thundering down the stairs like a small stampede of water buffalo.

My three year old with surprised superiority in his voice declared to his brothers, “I was right! Her’s making pancakes!”

Feeling very teachery I decided to correct his very cute grammatical error. “She’s making pancakes. You mean She.”

Feeling no ill will towards me at all for the small correction he quickly restated the remark.
“Yeah. I was right Mom. You’re making she-pancakes!”


2 thoughts on “Kidism #3,942.6”

  1. Mmmm. Pancakes for dinner. You know, my kitty use to come running to the kitchen when she heard the can opener. Anything stampeding the kitchen always reminds me of her (though I’m sure your kids are way better!).

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