The Gruffalo!

You have to buy this book. Oh, yes. This is a book to buy. This is not a book to just check out at the library. It’s a book you will be forced (Oh, twist my arm harder please!) to read over and over again, it is so cute. It’s my new favorite kids’ book. I know it’s not really terribly new (Okay, so it’s older than my oldest kid) but there are enough books out there that it’s possible that you hadn’t heard of it or seen it yet right?

I love the mouse. I want him for a pet. A friend of mine in highschool used to always draw a similar mouse on every note she ever wrote to me. The secret’s out, I was one of those note passing people! Hey, it’s how young writers start out! Okay? (You’re so surprised, I’m sure!)

Of course I want the Gruffalo for a pet too but I don’t think he’d fit through the door.

Get this book for your kids. Get it for your grandkids. Get it for yourself because deep down you know you like picture books still even though your shelves are filled with Shakespeare and Dickens and Bronte sisters.

I just bought it in chubby-board book format so the baby can teethe on it or puke on it or drive his Tonka over it or throw it in the potty… well, okay maybe not the potty part… and we can simply wipe it off and read it (again).

The Gruffalo is right up there with Goodnight Moon and Where the Wild Things Are in my estimation. A children’s picture book classic.


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