I was just perusing my stat counter to see what search terms people have recently Googled to end up at my blog. I get a lot of people Googling for Ree because I plug her blog so frequently. Glad a search for her led you here but there’s her name in bold letters if you want to get out of here and over there as quickly as your little fingers can carry you! Thanks for stopping by even if by accident.

I get some doozies of keyword searches and I really don’t know where they come from. For example, I know that I have never written about, “She enjoyed watching other women go to the bathroom.” Umm… no. Never. But that is what appeared a few days ago in my keyword searches that led to your blog section. But of course I just typed it so there again I will start getting numerous hits from people who want to know more about this troubling topic. Sorry folks. I really don’t know how that led anyone here in the first place. There are more troubling searches that have led to my blog but I haven’t taken care to write down the really funny ones.

The one that struck me today, struck me mostly because it was the name of someone I knew back in Junior High school. I guess I had rattled off a few names of people I knew in the comment section of one of my posts a few months back because someone anonymously posted and yet called me a name that I was only known as in Jr. High. The very mature, very sophisticated name of Nanny goat. Most of the entries written to me in my Jr. High year books were addressed “Dear Nanny goat…” and many included friendly reminders that I ought to take care and remember to eat my hay and oats over the summer.

Okay, so the other day I posted about my first kiss. But he wasn’t my first boyfriend. Someone else was. It was a very long four days in seventh grade in which I was officially and secretly the girlfriend of someone that I had liked since Outdoor Education the year before.

Outdoor education… That wonderful week in the sixth grade where you learn that Spearmint Lifesavers spark in your mouth when you chew them in the dark (this was a real teaching point there believe it or not!) That place where you learn… ummm… what else do you learn? I pretty much only remember the Lifesaver thing. Also the place where it seems the many of us started deciding that people of the opposite sex weren’t to be avoided at all costs… in fact we rather liked them… in fact a few cat fights between sixth grade girls began breaking out completely surrounding the “he’s mineness” of particular boys.

The person of whom I speak today though, had already been claimed by someone or a couple of someones at Outdoor Ed. But the following school year he was free game and I had my hormonally glazed over sights set upon him from about the first day of school.

I sat in front of him in Geography class. Secretly I would reach back and rest my hand on his knee. What a naughty, risque’ girl I was! (Really… I sit here and can’t believe I did even that in seventh grade even though it does pale in comparison with statistics we read these days!) We passed a lot of notes in class too. One day he passed me one that read something to the effect of, “Does this mean we are boyfriend and girlfriend?” and I wrote back something like, “I guess so.” His Shakespearean-like romantic response was, “Okay. Don’t tell anyone.”

Four days later he made it public by putting his hand on my knee in front of people in class. That was it! It was over! He responded, “What? You do it to me?” The answer in my mind was, “Yeah, but no one else knows!” This undid the whole secrecy thing… not to mention it made my hormones (Have I mentioned how chock full of these I was as a teenager? Legend has it that my best friend’s brother and his friend were talking one time about me. One of them said, “Nancy is one giant walking hormone.” The other was quick to correct him by saying, “No. She’s one giant running hormone.” What a reputation eh?) rush to the point that I thought I was going to drop my contents and hurl my entire stomach onto my lap. That wasn’t very nice to do without warning.

We remained friends somehow though. I guess four days of secretly being boyfriend and girlfriend, a few notes passed between us and… well, pretty much nothing else wasn’t much to get over and recover from. Especially since being the hormonal girl I was, I already had quite the crush on one of our common friends. (Hopeless I was.)

The last time I saw him was in the 12th grade when my best friend and I were walking near “downtown” in the suburb where my high school was located. We were going to play billiards with some of our guy buddies. I saw him sitting in a dirty stairwell. The moment I saw him, I felt terrible. He looked so sad. I autonomically called out his name. It had been about 5 years since I had seen him before. He answered very nonchalantly, “Oh, hi Nan,” like we saw each other every day. That was such a strange meeting.

I hope he is doing well now. It was just strange to see his name in my stat counter. Hello out there person who knows him and was Googling him.

Update: P.S. It was great to hear from you Adriel! Thanks for the e-mail! I really do hope you are doing well! :^D


7 thoughts on “Weird…”

  1. Hi Nan,I like your site and I linked mine to it. How does one check what people search for to find your site?Marla

  2. Hi Marla,I have a statcounter account and it has a keyword search page that tells the recent searches that have led to your blog. http://statcounter.com also has that feature. Site meter is good but I had a problem with their meter not working for a number of days in a row and it bugged me so I decided to switch. Statcounter is a bit more thorough.I hope that helps. :^DOh, and I’ll add you to my reciprocal links.

  3. What a story–imagine someone searching that very name and ending up at your blog. How weird if it was the same guy!

  4. Hi Nan, I actually typed in Ree and Nan so I could find you, believe it or not. I started reading your blog after reading your comments on Rees blog. So you can feel wanted. I love your blog. My computer had crashed and I lost all my bookmarks so had to try and find you again. Keep up the great work. Lisa

  5. Awww, Karisma, thanks! You made my day! :^DOh and Jennag, it *was* him. :^D We had a nice little catch-up e-mail going back and forth. I love the internet. :^)

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