Life is Like a Lunchbox!

Remember when you were growing up and your Mom made you lunches for school? You never really knew what you were going to get inside. Or maybe you did. Maybe it was Peanutbutter & Jelly every day.

Some days I would open my lunchbox and find a cheese sandwich with mayonaisse. A modern day salmonella nightmare. Yum. Some days my mom would fill a thermos with chicken noodle soup. It would be luke warm by the time lunch rolled around. So comforting and yummy on a cold rainy day. Even at just luke warm.

My husband remembers receiving love notes on napkins from his mother in his lunchbox. Awww, how sweet.

My love of the lunchbox grew over time though I soon traded it in for the ultra-cool paper sack or the stay-cool technology lunch cooler in which the Capri Sun would stay refreshingly refrigerated.

At some point I actually became a collector of lunchboxes. I had Sesame Street ones, Star Wars ones, Barn shaped ones, work lunchboxes like the one now pictured on my blog which I especially like because it reminds me of my Dad’s lunchbox that he used to take to work every day…. I had a good little collection going on. Soon it took over my kitchen though and I decided to say goodbye to the collection so as not to let it eat me for lunch.

I decided that this blog is very much like those lunchboxes that I would take to school. When you come here every day you pretty much never know what you are going to get. You could very well end up with the literary equivalent of a warm bologna sandwich though I hope those ocassions are rare. Some days you could end up with the school-lunchbox-opening-thrill of finding that your mom had skipped the PB&J altogether and instead, given you…. leftover pizza and a cupcake! Mmmmm!!

I hope my little blog is a nice surprise for you (it usually is for me) no matter what is inside on any given day.


14 thoughts on “Life is Like a Lunchbox!”

  1. Hey Nan, I love the new look! If it was a shirt, I’d buy it, but then again, I am addicted to horizontal striped shirts…not kidding! It looks great!

  2. Love the new look! I eat cheese and mayo sandwiches, too, although I add a special ingredient: crushed chips! You should try it sometime. And, might I add that that cupcake looks tasty. Mmmmmmm…..

  3. I love it! I love it! I have to say the purple flowers were doing my brain in because my eyesight isnt what it used to be and it took ages to load the page. Much faster now. And much easier to read. Thank you.

  4. Very cool design, Nan! I’m likely to visit more often now. That purple gave me a headache. I don’t know what it is about purple, but too much of it does that to me. This is very cute, though, and I love how you worked the design into a theme for your blog. It’s fresh and snappy and seems to fit your personality–or at least the image I’ve always had of what you must be like IRL.

  5. Hi Nan!I love your new blog design. Its always fun to go to someones blog and see their personality shine through before you even read the first post. I didnt know you loved lunchboxes, but I can understand why now. I havent had a chance to post anything at the homeschool blog,and it may be another week before I can make the time, with our move this week and all. However, as soon as I can I will. Have a great day!

  6. Oh, you people are wonderful!! Thanks for all the kind compliments! The purple flowers definitely weren’t me but was tired of brown swirls (maybe I was craving spring since it doesn’t arrive in earnest until May here) and I knew the flowers were temporary. I’m glad they are gone now too.Bluebird Blogs rocks that casba. :^DYou all are the best. I’m a comment junkie so I am enjoying the feedback. Keep it coming!!!Nan

  7. I like the new look! And for those cheese/mayo + crushed chips sandwiches, you gotta add some garden-fresh sliced tomatoes. Mmmmmm…

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