Harry Nilsson

I love him. As an artist that is. I don’t want to run off with him and elope. He rocks… er… rocked. Do you know Harry Nilsson?

Here are some of my favorites:

Think About Your Troubles by Harry Nilsson <—This one is my favoritest.

Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore by Harry Nilsson

I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City by Harry Nilsson


Coconut by Harry Nilsson <— The kids love this one!

There are a lot more but these are some of my top picks.

(To my Canadian readers, I am not sure if you will be able to listen to these. I wasn’t able to so I’m going on the assumption that since I wasn’t able to, you might not be able to. If nobody can hear these then I will remove the links and you’ll just have to take my word for it that he’s good.)


6 thoughts on “Harry Nilsson”

  1. I havent had a chance to listen to these links, but I will. We are moving to the Porltand area, a suburb close to Beaverton and Hillsboro area. Any family close by?

  2. I commented over at your place Trina. :^DPamela, I know! Isn’t it crazy? I really like it though. It’s very me. Purple flowers weren’t really me even though they were pretty. I heard the page took forever to load for most people.Nan

  3. Okay Nan, got your message over at my blog….lol DEFINITELY call me if you ever come into town, I would love to see you and your boys! That would be fun! You’re truly welcome ANYTIME! I dont have a new number down there yet, but if you would like I can email it to you, when I get it!

  4. Yes! E-mail me your number (when you get the chance that is… you’re obviously going to be insanely busy for a couple of weeks at least!) :^DIt would be so fun to meet!

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