Women can blog about anything… (This is really about my great day; don't let the title fool you.)

Today was just about perfect. It was the perfect mix of sun and work and pleasure. Tomorrow, I hate to say, is supposed to be incredibly snowy. *@!*#!@^% &$#% <— I never swear. That garbled string of supposed expletives really means something innocuous like “darn” or “phooey.”

I was laughing this afternoon though because we got a lot done today — had a great day full of fun and productivity. I told my husband that I was going to blog about how much we got done in a day. And then I laughingly noted that women can blog about anything and chances are that some woman out there in cyberspace will relate or will say, “Go you!” or “Good for you! What an accomplishment!”

Whereas men simply can’t blog about just anything. Well… I guess they can but somehow I don’t think their male readers would be like, “Go you! You so rock for having done that many loads of laundry in one day, filed that many reports, called that many clients, pumped iron and personally prepared a romantic dinner for you and your wife! That is so great. You do our gender proud man!” Chances are guys aren’t as likely to give a proverbial slap on the blog for daily accomplishments the way that women do for each other. Gee. I like being a woman, you know what I mean?

So without further ado, with no further discussion of gender blogitics or sexual socioblogiology (Wow. I just made up two whole new compound words, both containing the word “blog.” I’m adding that to my list of things accomplished today.), I give you my list for the day for which I am expecting thunderous applause and awestruck silence. (See… I’m covering my bases… if you don’t comment I’ll blame it not on the more likely scenario that you have nothing to say about my day because you actually did more or because there simply are no words to express your awe inspired stupor. I’m a genius. Really.)

  • Hung out together listening to music, playing guitar
  • Folded lots of laundry
  • Cleaned (and vacuumed) the living room and the family room
  • Hubs took some friends to the airport
  • Washed and clipped the dog
  • Rode bikes to the park and played on the playground(Not me. I don’t have a bike so I walked)
  • Played/practiced soccer with the kids
  • Made taco soup in the crock pot
  • Went to the Library and got a bunch of books on Rome (for the oldest) and Spiders (for the middles), and videos on Rome too.
  • Ate dinner together
  • Bottled my husband’s second batch of homemade beer (Smells nice but Blech and spitooey! I can’t stand the taste of the stuff! Oh well, he likes. Oh, by the way, that secret that I just couldn’t keep back in December, weeeellll, it was a home brewing kit for Christmas. Following in the tradition of ancient Egyptians, Monks and Puritans, he is really enjoying it as a hobby and it has even opened up some good man to man conversations with guys that might not normally feel comfortable or were previously adamantly opposed to talking with a pastor.)
  • Watched a documentary called Rome in the First Century
  • Made up two new words

It’s been a great day! Feel free to lather me with praise for all that we accomplished (or argue with me over the inherent evils of beer if you must… no, I take that back. I’m not really in the mood!)… Or neither. It just felt like such a productive and yet restful day. It was refreshing. I hope you had a good one!


6 thoughts on “Women can blog about anything… (This is really about my great day; don't let the title fool you.)”

  1. Yea Nan! Once again you’ve taken the ordinary and through beautiful writing skill and humor have made it fun to read.We were productive on Monday too, even though I didn’t leave the house. I had that pleased sense of accomplishment when I put my head on the pillow!

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