Silly boys.

I’m exhausted. I had severe insomnia last night (not an uncommon problem unfortunately as some of you know) and I didn’t sleep until 2:30 a.m. So needless to say I am feeling a bit fuzzy around the edges today.

As I was beginning to move about the kitchen in hopes of getting something started for dinner, my boys of course were clamoring about me begging for snacks just before dinner (not gonna happen). Frustrated, I said, “No. You may not have another snack. I am about to fix dinner.”

“When?” they emplored.

“As soon as I put a t.v. show on. If I’m going to cook dinner I need you guys out of my hair tonight.”

Apparently kids pick up on a good many of our figures of speech and at some point you are sure they’re familiar with all of them (unless you are related to my father in law who is from backwoods Tennessee originally and has the vernacular to prove it. He never uses the same figure of speech twice.)

The reply I received from the eldest was, “What?! In your hair? We’re not fleas!”

The five year old followed this with, “Yeah. Or dust mites either!”

“HA HA HA HA HA!!! We’re so funny! ‘We’re not fleas!’ That was a good one… HAR HAR HAR…”

((rolls eyes))


3 thoughts on “Silly boys.”

  1. Cute kids. You never know what they are going to say! Hey I DID read the wordflare discussion. I was so hyped up by the end, I had to take a walk! Oh and if I’m ever in a debate, will you be on my side?

  2. Hey Nan, Now that’s when I should have called! These days, I’m always up in the middle of the night!Hope you get some rest this weekend!

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