Put on your Donna Reed duds ladies…

It’s a “housewife giveaway!” The kind people at Dyson have been good enough to allow 5 Minutes for Mom to give away the new Dyson Slim! It’s wonderfully lightweight and yet ever so powerful! Ladies, you will not want to stop vacuuming if you win this fabulous machine! Gone will be the days where you dread pulling out your behemoth of a vacuum cleaner!

The housewife’s life has never been so posh! You will be begging little Johnny to dump his cracker crumbs on the floor just so you can watch the amazing Dyson at work! You will giggle with glee when Suzy spills her sunflower seeds in the crevices of your couch just so you can listen to the melodic sounds of perpetual suckage that the Dyson slim offers! Don’t miss this chance all of you domestic divas! You’re life will never be the same!

What are you waiting for? You have nothing better to do, right? Scuttle on over there and get in line ladies!

(If you believe all of that you’re smoking used cedar shavings from the bottom of your pet hampster’s cage or you are not living on earth. But who wouldn’t want to replace their old vacuum with a free one?)


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