See, this is one of the reasons that she's one of my best friends…

I am a poet. I don’t know if you knew that or not. I have dumped loads of poetry into this blog.

Today Corrie, my real life dear friend, at One Gal’s Life in the Raw posted this great Mommy poem. I just had to tell you all about it because she cracks me up and explains why she and I get along so well and always have. Great poem Corrie! You’ve inspired me to reshare mine! :^D

To see any of my own poetry you can click any of these links:

I’m the Meany
Poems about Jesus
Did you Ever?
We have Names for People Like You Mr.!
Lots of poems
Lots more poems
Umm. Even more.
Did I mention I used to write a lot of poems? And so did my husband, incidentally.


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  1. I read Corries poem earlier- laughed my bum off! I will have to read your tomorrow- Tonight I need to sleep…

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