I like blogging because…

It’s like show and tell every day. And oh, how I loved show and tell! One time I brought my teddy bear. One time I brought my new baby brother (mom came.)


3 thoughts on “I like blogging because…”

  1. I never got to do show and tell when I was littleMaybe thats why I’m hooked on blogging.I’m still thinking about my childhood toys, by the way. I’m on way to work.. late every morning. I HAVE TO see show and tell on all my favorite blogs!!!!

  2. Hee hee! Glad I’m not the only one who brought a person for show and tell, Toni! LOL!Pam, I know what you mean. So I don’t commute to work but my laundry is currently the size of the Pharoah’s dog’s pyramid which should count for something in the way of lateness to work on account of blogging! LOL!

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