The effect that Bob Ross can have on a person

1. Renews one’s appreciation for the noble profession of the local Barber.
2. Makes you want to learn to paint.
3. Makes you want to fall asleep while thinking #1 and #2.
4. Makes you believe that the trees really are happy.



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  1. I loved his show as a kid–totally serious. Miss him sometimes…You are funny.

  2. He had such an appreciation for “critters”. Sigh.

  3. oh my goodness! i did a post called Better Than Meditation. and it was bob ross. he is awesome. he is my zen. lol. thanks for commenting on my post! you’re awesome.

  4. Haha! I had forgotten all about him!

  5. Cute post.I love to watch him. He is like comfort food.

  6. Donna Boucher May 4, 2007 — 11:59 am

    He died didn’t he.I hear his classes are really excellent.Can you find them on DVD?

  7. Donna, yeah, I’m pretty sure he died. We were watching a rerun from 05 on public television yesterday. But at the end I’m pretty sure they did say that you can purchase whole sets of classes. :^)

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