At dinner we were talking about maiden names. My 5 year old started the conversation.

“Mom, your last name wasn’t always D____ was it? Not until you married Daddy right?”

“That’s right.”

“And Dad, Grandma’s last name wasn’t always D____ until… she married Grandpa right?”

“You’re right! Her last name was _______ before that. And her Mom’s last name before she was married was Shave.”

(Now, I’ll tell you right now that Dad has been just a wee bit slow on the uptake since having his surgery a couple of days ago and being on painkillers that make him just a mite sleepy.)

5 year old continues, “Huh…. Did she have a nice haircut?”

“Yes. She was very pretty. She had nice hair.”

Mom starts cracking up laughing. Dad is still clueless as to why.

“Do you know why he asked that?”

“No. Why?”

“Shave? Hair??”

Dad finally catches up and joins in on the chuckling.


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  1. That is cute! Very smart 5 yo!

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