Free Bandages!

Okay 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a giveaway for 45 boxes of Nexcare bandages. Initially I thought this was sort of a strange giveaway but good grief… I have 4 boys 7 years old and under. I NEED THIS PRIZE! LOL!

Go check it out and sign up to win! And if you do win, feel free to send me a couple of boxes!



Add yours →

  1. Thanks, Nan! On my way there! (In between regular Saturday duties…chaperone swimming children, buy a birthday present, get shoes for kids, get kids to youth group, figure out dinner, etc.!)Have a great weekend!Jenn

  2. Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane May 19, 2007 — 3:41 pm

    With 4 boys, I certainly think you need to win this one Nan! Good luck, I won’t enter this one, but thanks again for the Netflix giveaway :)Have a great day!

  3. for kids~!!!! how about husbands who always run into things with their heads.

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