Contest Watch!

Make sure to go over to Ree’s place today and throw a title in for her photo naming contest. The prize is freakin’ awesome and I really want it, so feel free to NOT enter!


Go hit Design Mom and leave a comment on this post to win an adorable and practical storage solution.


Make sure to stop by Mod*Mom to enter for a chance to win a super cute diaper bag/laptop bag


Don’t forget to go to 5 Minutes for Mom and enter to win some super cool giveaways! I especially want the Krups ice cream maker and the Lands End customized swimsuit! That would be super cool.


Go win a purty bracelet at Beachys Cape Cod Cupboard!


Oooh, 1 more! 1 more! Win some adorable little hairbows from Love-Me-Knots for your little girl here.

That’s all I got on the contest front. I hope you win. (That was a total lie, just so you know! I want to win… but if you win it would be a nice consolation prize I suppose. I’d congratulate you and then proceed to kick the dirt, a maneuver which would be followed by my eating of a plateful of earthworms.)



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  1. Ree should be paying you ;).I haven’t submitted anything yet…can’t seem to come up with a thing…not to mention I’m discombobulated again :).

  2. Did you see 728 people signed up for Ree’s contest, incredible!Good luck Nan.

  3. Annie, you should have seen it when she gave away her own Nikon D80 (she has the D2x now). There were over 1,400 comments that day! With over 6,000 hits a day, you know they come out of the woodwork when free stuff is involved! LOL! :^D

  4. Thanks for sharing the info!

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