Thas and thit

Mod*Mom Stroller Giveaway (this looks like an awesome stroller… pity I have no need for it!)

Mod*Mom Whole Foods Market Giveaways

Design Mom offers sweet discounts to some of her fav places

End of Summer Blogabration YOWZA! That’s a lot of prizes!


And Goodness Gracious… an entire Giveaway blog! You may want to add this to your favorites! Bloggy Giveaways. Wish I’d thought of that!



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  1. thank you for shouting out my contests nan! you’re so thoughtful. i really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Wow – Thanks for linkage.I’m getting ready for your Soap Celebration. I was kind of hoping for a Soapaloofah [:-)

  3. Pinks & Blues Girls August 17, 2007 — 6:39 pm

    Thanks for the awesome links!!Check out our giveaway -www.pinksandblues.comI love your blog… and that is so cool you have 4 boys… I have 3 boys, so I’m on my way! :)- AudreyPinks & Blues

  4. Nan…I just gave you a “Nice Matters” award over on my blog!

  5. Heather, you are so sweet! :^) Thank you so much!I’ve had such a busy week… in laws here (still are), VBS, etc… I have hardly had time to sit and read other blogs. I know a couple of my regular reads have already received this award… Hmmmm…. :^D I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I doubled up and handed it to them again right? Hee hee.Must go to bed now. Thanks so much for being such a regular reader! I always see “knit or Knot” in my stat counter!

  6. Nan, Where are you, my dearie? Missing you,Corrie

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