And on the topic of food related geniuses…

Check this out!! I think I’ve met the caffeinated counterpart to Cupcaketastic!!



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  1. That’s awesome art! Some people can do really neat things, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the espresso that got cold to make that.

  2. Wow! I wouldn’t want to drink it it’s so pretty. I would drink it but only after taking a picture and showing everyone around me my pretty drink.

  3. Wow…I love making my own espressos every morning, but now I can see I have a lot yet to learn!

  4. I couldnt quit watchingare you sure it was coffee??

  5. After the first cup, I turned my head sideways and actually said aloud, “Are you kidding me?” Then I watched the rest, only realizing at the end that my mouth was open.

  6. Thanks for that Nan, I’ll take two choco flowers and a rabbit to go. I used to work with a barista who used to be this fabulous with his coffees.

  7. Oh, that is toooo cool!!

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