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Well, to be quite honest, I don’t know if I’m really playing this game completely by the rules. I cannot, alas, go out on a whim and take pictures of landmarks. Something about having four children and living in an <s>arctic tundra</a> mildly frigid climate sometimes keeps me from going and hunting down the right pictures. But I can hunt through my photo archives like a champ and I don’t have to get frostbite to do it. And I don’t have to abandon my children to do it (well…. okay, I sort of do let them <s>run willy nilly throughout the house</s> be children when I am at the computer…) So, if I’m breaking some cardinal round robin (no that is not hybrid red crested bird with an orange (but they call it) “red” breast) I trust one of my fellow round robiners will let me know. :^)

I’m pulling my favorite landmark pictures…

First are a series of pictures I took while back at home this past Summer… I don’t think I have to tell you what it is.









Alcatraz Island…


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk…

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

And these are pictures that I took here at HOME home…

I’d call these a pretty big LANDmark. (The Canadian Rockies)

Rockies 2 (big sky)

And last but not least, the Calgary Tower…




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  1. GREAT Blog. My wife is a photographer She uses a d200. We had to start our business just to pay for the equipment we bought. I will have to tune my wife into your blog. Thanks for stopping by at ruralchurch.

  2. You are very correct about avoiding the spontaneous combustion. I’m pretty sure I should never do laundry again, haha. πŸ˜‰ And I’m all about honorary Aggies – we love everyone, as long as they don’t wear burnt orange. =)

    I *love* your San Francisco pictures, especially the ones with the fog! The Calgary Tower looks like a neat place to visit – do they let people go up and check out the view? That would be the best!

    Hope y’all have a great weekend! =)

    ashpags’s last blog post..Spontaneous Combustion

  3. Waddey, your wife’s photography is amazing. I want to be like her! LOL Seriously… Some day that is what I want to do (and do it as well as she does!) Lots of practice yet that I need to do!

    ashpags, so good to know that we are loved. When it comes to College Football, I must say that we will always keep the Aggies in the first place! Terrible as it is, since moving to Calgary, I don’t pay attention to any college games… I pay attention to hockey now… “When in Rome…”

    Yes, you can go to the observation floor and look through their “telescopes” (what do they call those funny looking things that magnify and look like big giant view masters anyways?) You have to pay but luckily when we went up someone had a pass and took us for free. They also have one of those nifty spinning restaurants at the top — also costs a pretty penny to eat there. Someone was paying our way when we went there too! LOL What can I say, we have friends in “high places”. ;^P (Sorry… that was a total groaner!) Really good food though!

  4. Interesting perspectives of the bridge. I have never been further West than Yellowstone, WY. Cool pictures πŸ™‚

  5. The pictures are beautiful. I liked the fat robin too btw. LOL

    risingrainbow’s last blog post..Let’s Talk Genetic Disorders in Horses

  6. Hi Nan πŸ™‚

    Gorgeous shots of my beloved Golden Gate Bridge, and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. πŸ™‚ Sigh. Home. πŸ™‚ I really liked how you’ve captured the bridge, fun interesting angles there. Cool that! Thanks for playing.

    Always, Carly

    Carly’s last blog post..Round Robin Challenge: Landmarks

  7. What Nan having a hard rime getting out. Hey to me a landmark for you coudl be the house clean before the kids get up and then an after shot after thay get up. I love your pictures they are great.

    Sarah Rogstad’s last blog post..Round Robin Challenge : Landmarks

  8. I love that last photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. Gorgeous! Thanks for visiting me over at my blog.

    Heidi’s last blog post..In Love

  9. I’m afraid your Canadian Rockies pictures would make my DIL Steph homesick. πŸ˜‰ And her and my son Jeff’s two children — my grandchildren Noah and Emily — are being brought up with an appreciation of hockey. πŸ˜‰ These shots are really stunning. Good job!

  10. Wow! You’ve hit on one of Carly’s favorite photographic subjects, but really approached it from your own “angle”! I especially love the closeups on bits of the bridge as you cross it. But I think my favorite shot here is the first Calgary Tower one. I love the detail of the radiating lines, the band of red and the subtle lighting variation in the gray parts. Excellent first Round Robin entry. Welcome!

    Karen Funk Blocher’s last blog post..Round Robin (Part One): Crossing the Snake

  11. Lovely photography!!!
    Welcome to RR challenge, look forward to seeing more of your photography~

  12. Wow! I love all the shots, but my favorite by far is the one with the bridge in the back and the birds flying. We’ve been to San Fransisco a couple of times and that bridge just fascinates me. I’ve watched several documentaries on its building. Truly amazing. Thanks for sharing these shots. All of the participants have had great pictures!

    Nekked Lizard Lady’s last blog post..Round Robin Photo Challenge

  13. Wow! I love all the shots, but my favorite by far is the one with the bridge in the back and the birds flying. We’ve been to San Fransisco a couple of times and that bridge just fascinates me. I’ve watched several documentaries on its building. Truly amazing. Thanks for sharing these shots. All of the participants have had great pictures!

  14. magnficient!
    and nearly overwhelming, really.

    Pamela’s last blog post..The Gazebo

  15. Beautiful photos! I have three kids, work full time but I do live in Florida — still can’t find time for photo shoots. Thank goodness for archives!

  16. I grew up on the north side of that bridge! Thanks for taking me home today.

  17. D’oh, I mean, excellent SECOND RR entry, I should have said!

    Karen Funk Blocher’s last blog post..Round Robin (Part One): Crossing the Snake

  18. wonderful photos…i’ve been there a couple of times and really enjoyed seeing bits of san francisco again.

  19. Your bridge shots are fabulous. Your blog looks interesting with a great name. I am going to take a look around site.

    Molly’s last blog post..Round Robin Challenge: Landmarks

  20. Beautiful pictures and those of the bridge are very special ! compliments ! I recognized Alcatraz not because I was prisonned in there but I visited it I took a picture of Mr. Gattino in Al Capone’s cell.

  21. Why can’t we give people who visit SF more sunny days? I noticed that fog — good photos despite of that. We’ll do better next time, I hope. You brought back some fun memories of Calgary with the pictures of the Tower. Stay warm.

  22. Lots of great landmarks! I am wishing I could afford to travel to everyone’s visions. That would be so fun!

    Lisa’s Chaos’s last blog post..Fun Monday: Beside table

  23. Love the angles of your shots, thanks for sharing!

    Sandra’s last blog post..Landmark

  24. Hello! These are great shots. My faves are the closeup of the metalwork on the bridge and that stupendous sky over the Rockies. Gorgeous!


    Vicki’s last blog post..Round Robin Photo Challenge: Landmarks

  25. I remember these. They are just as good the second time around.

    Robinella’s last blog post..Fun Monday

  26. Wow, the fog must have been lifting or hadn’t settled yet, that’s pretty high over the Bridge.

    Vending Man’s last blog post..Spokane Vending Machine Business for Sale

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