I don't suppose I've ever mentioned…

that it can get really cold here. I probably haven’t. I don’t often talk about booger freezing temperatures or snow storms in May or coldness in general. Or snow. Or snow. Or coldness. Or icy conditions. Or about how I spend half of the Summer and Fall dreading the snow. I probably haven’t mentioned it very much, if at all. And I don’t even think that I have a whole category devoted to the topic. And since I never talk about it, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to break the long, drawn out, painful silence on this issue.

It’s days like these when I really think global warming wouldn’t be so bad. (Please don’t sic your dog on me. It’s only a joke. Sort of.)

So it’s kinda sorta cold here today (and all this week). Just a wee bit. I mean, I’m planning on buying a polar bear pelt at the nearest 5 and dime store tomorrow. But other than that it’s just a wee bit cold.

So I decided that this kind of cold called for action. I decided it called for an intervention. Or at least a short interview. Very short. Here is how it went.


So, that’s how that went.

So, do you want to know how cold it is supposed to be here next week? On a side note, can I ask why the weather man is only right when they are predicting extremely cold weather and not when they are predicting pleasant weather? Very strange, that.


Oh and for you Dad all of you who think that Celsius is wimpy and Fahrenheit is always colder than Celsius, think again… Here is our windchill temperature converted to Fahrenheit. Eat my shorts Dad. I mean, somebody want my shorts ’cause we haven’t got any call for shorts here in the next forever or so. You know, give or take an aeon.

So I decided to take a couple of pictures of the road on the way home because, while I hate cold and I am not a huge fan of blizzards, I’ve always liked the patterns that blowing snow makes on the roads.Β  It’s rather mesmerizing.Β  That’s mostly why I try not to drive in it.Β  I get too caught up in the pretty patterns.






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  1. LOL I have said “Bring on global warming too!” And I am constantly saying… “At least I don’t live in Canada!” so there ya go!

    Have a great day!
    πŸ™‚ Beth

    Around The Funny Farm’s last blog post..Sunday’s Postings

  2. Oh, now I feel really bad about whining about the cold here in Ohio last week. Love the pictures of the snow, though. We haven’t had a lot of snow this winter. I hate the Real Feel temperatures, too. Besides, anything below zero is just darn cold.

  3. yeah, i;ve been blogging about weather, too. Too bad we have to make weather down here.

    JULIE’s last blog post..Not enough weather, we gotta make more

  4. That looks too familiar and we do get the bitter cold here too but it’s short lives and not as cold as your cold. What’s bad here is that on Tuesday our high is 43 – way higher than the norm for here, then in about 24 hours we’re supposed to be at -7, I hate the swings like that. But after all our negatives the warm day will be nice!

    I love the snow though, I only want to move further north. πŸ™‚ Yes, I’m retarded.

    Lisa’s Chaos’s last blog post..Fun Monday: Beside table

  5. I wonder if anyone made it to the Nexus thing tonight. I had been thinking of going, but the cold was eventually enough for me to confine myself indoors.

    Dave’s last blog post..The death of multi-tasking

  6. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been that cold before! I was complaining yesterday because it was 20F and a little windy.
    Try to stay warm πŸ™‚

  7. Well, I whined about ten degrees last week, and now I’m feeling kind of wimpy about that, so I’ll just go sit down and shut up. God bless your frosty toes.

    hulagirlatheart’s last blog post..Dementia Lite

  8. I understand. Last Week we were at -20+F. ANd that is could also. I hope to send soon+20F your way.
    Stay warm I hear sael is warm to LPL.

    Sarah Rogstad’s last blog post..Round Robin Challenge : Landmarks

  9. We spent Christmas with my Aunty in Toronto one year. Before that time I never knew your boogers could freeze. I wish I never did.

    I’ll quit my bellyaching about the 60 degree weather (F) we’re having here in So. Cal. And may I recommend a hot water bottle? πŸ™‚

    Mama DB’s last blog post..Oh, she did not just post on posting.

  10. I really hope The Pastor appreciates your sacrifices to live with him in the frozen tundra. I am not so nice. My husband was stationed in Rhode Island during a particularly bad winter. During the month of April (the beginning of spring – ha), it snowed on this South Louisiana girl four times. I told him he’d better rig his career to never be north of the Mason-Dixon again. And we haven’t. I do love that guy!

  11. Double Brrr. That is insane cold. I spent a month in Ontario outside of Winnipeg one year – and all the local residents were saying it was their coldest winter EVER. For breakfast, I went to a little cafe – and lost my car keys along the way so had to walk back to the hotel. When I finally got inside – huge nosebleed (not to mention frozen everything else). I do not envy you, Nan.

    Karmyn R’s last blog post..The New Miss America is a SHAM

  12. Oh honey, you deserve an award! πŸ™‚

    LOVE what you are doing with the graphics, Too Cute!

    love you!

    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants’s last blog post..Fussy’s Sneak Peak

  13. I guess I will stop whining about how cold it is here – yikes!

    dlyn’s last blog post..The real me in 31 easy questions

  14. Ah, 60 below. I’ve been there my friend. We lived in Fairbanks for four years. After a few years in California, we’ve settled on Seattle as home. But, I still miss that cold, especially the snow mist. Is that weird?? Now, the dark? Nope, I hated that dark. Keep warm.

    Scout’s honor’s last blog post..It’s his birthday and he can have it if he I wants it!!

  15. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my site. It is nice to meet someone going through the same weather as I am! I grew up about an hour or so outside of Vancouver and moved here at 16. It took me 25 years not to say I was going home when I visited my family. I finally call this home but on a week like this?!!… sigh… I can’t imagine how much harder it must be for you. I have been enjoying your site and a friend of mine has as well. I guess I’m delurking. πŸ™‚

    Rosa Veldkamp’s last blog post..A frosty day.

  16. It’s -22 here today, so I can relate to those photos.



    Angella’s last blog post..On Her Behalf

  17. You must live where I do LOL. That’s our forecast, today got to a right balmy -29 I think was the warmest, but the windchill I think sat around -45 all day.

    I’m thankful that I homeschool my kids so didn’t have to worry about trying to send them out(I probably wouldn’t have even if I didn’t homeschool) and I stay at home so didn’t have to attempt to brave the cold. My hubby got to brave it though, lucky him LOL…better him then me!

    I found your blog through Entrecard, as I sit here trying to keep warm! LOL

    Jolene’s last blog post..Best Buy NOT the best buy!!

  18. I feel your pain…literally! The kids and I haven’t been out of the house since Sunday for church because of the cold…we haven’t been quite as cold as you guys but the weather man says it feels like -41 degrees Fahrenheit! Not even our car wants to be out in this cold! It hasn’t wanted to start and though we do have an electrical outlet for it by our parking space, we don’t have a heater. Well, at least we THOUGHT we didn’t have a heater until my brother, who we got it from, said that he thought there was one. We’ve never looked and him, living in MD, never had use for it and thus unsure if there was one. I told my husband he has to check but he says it’s too cold! LOL

    Risa’s last blog post..“In Other News…”

  19. There is no way I want to be that cold. I don’t know how you do it. How much does it cost to heat your home? Do you wear long underwear on your face?

    Pamela’s last blog post..Swampy posts past perfect

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