When toddlers wake up from their naps…

You never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes they wake up cheerful and sunny. They smile and sing and say you are pretty. Other times they appear to have been run over by a freight train and look at you like you were the engineer that caused the wreckage that is their sad sorry little existence. But then you say words like “snack” or “play” and they tend to perk right up. I just couldn’t stop snapping pictures of my little man today after his nap. I think this accounts for the sour expression he is wearing in some of these pictures.

C waking up

C Yawn

c 8

C 9 BW

Yea, verily I say unto you, though it costeth me an arm and a leg and will requireth a second income to payeth for the orthodontic work, forsooth I persisteth in liking the photos of the wee babe sucking his tiny “fumb.” (And really, they are all going to need braces anyways… funky teeth run heavily in the gene pool.) Please don’t ask me why I had to say that all in King Jamesese. I couldn’t give you a reasonable answer.

C 4

C 7

C 5

C 3



Hmmm…. not sure if I’ve posted enough pictures today.

B today

Ahhh… Okay, there. That’s enough.

Oh, wait a minute…

c 6

I think this picture needs a caption. My title would maybe be, “It’s how cold out there?” What would you call it? (Don’t get me wrong… this isn’t a knock off version of my buddy, the First Lady of the Blogosphere’s photo captioning contests.) But the picture really does need a name. The prize would be the thrill of me having picked your entry. I know the mere thought of that gives you the shivers. Try to keep calm.

And on a completely different note, merely because I’m listening to the news report and hearing about how cold it is here (thanks for letting us know… we had no idea!), can I just tell you that I cannot stand hearing the news people say, “UNthaw” when they really mean “thaw.” That is all. Just another pet peeve from nerd girl here.



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  1. I love that picture of your son with him sucking his thumb and rubbing his eye.

    You need to enter that in a competition some where!


    Around The Funny Farm’s last blog post..How Fluffy got her name.

  2. LOL — that’s a great caption! Although, it’s the almost identical look that I got from a girlfriend of mine when I went over to her house. My hubby and I recently bought a new car, and after we sat and chatted on her couch for a while, we decided to go out and get coffee. I offered to drive so she could see my new vehicle, but this was her exact look at she said to me in the most horrified tone of voice, “What do you mean you didn’t get heated seats and a car starter????”

    Yeah. That about sums it up.

  3. Adorable children and a talented mama. By the way, I’m starting a movement, the “I Wear an Apron and I Vote” movement. Shouldn’t we band together and march on Washington?

  4. Oooh, those cheeks would be the death of me!

    I’m thinkin’ on that there caption.



    Kim’s last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway and Children’s Book Monday: Multi-tasking at its best!

  5. I guess he wouldn’t be allowed to say, “Oh my gosh!” so maybe, “WHAT did you say?!”

    In the whole series he seems to be saying, “Hey Mom, put the camera down and hold me!”

    I left you a little award at my place. πŸ™‚

    Lisa’s Chaos’s last blog post..guest post, awards, memes, and more

  6. The next time I start to complain that it is cold here, I will think of you and shut my mouth! (It is currently in the 50’s here in Tennessee, USA)

    I start complaining when it gets below 40 degrees F.

    DanaBelleBurns’s last blog post..B’s Birthday Party – followup

  7. Your kids are so adorable!
    You must have a camera attached to you permanently to get all these great pics!

    Jolene’s last blog post..We’re in the Deep Freeze Folks!

  8. I remember a song from back in the 50’s or 60’s–yes, I’m that old! And it went something like this:

    “I’m calling you–ooooh-ooh-ooooh–ooooh–ooooh.” Why your cute little tyke made me think of that, who knows. But, alas, it did!

    Love the big, huge, condemning, brown eyes. I’m such a sucker for big, brown eyes!

  9. It’s so true about the waking up… I never know what I’m going to get from cousin Bethany!!! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one with a completely unpredictable and often irrational two year old!!!

    Maybe it’s genetic…
    Have a great day!

  10. “Aaaawwe mom! Will you stop pointng that thing at me!”

    christina.b’s last blog post..Hannah

  11. I just discovered your site- and I have been on the WTM board forever! I love it! Great Pictures

  12. “You posted my pictures WHERE?”

  13. If you were in the potty training stage for your little guy, the caption for the last picture would most definitely be, “you want me to do WHAT…in WHERE?”

    LOVE your pictures!

    Both my kids became crabby, whiny, tearful waker-uppers right about 3 years of age…weird. I made them give up naps; I couldn’t handle the meltdowns!

    Linda’s last blog post..Temari

  14. It’s not genetic, I never know what I’m going to get either! Although it’s generally sunnier if I get off the computer when they wake up instead of insisting I’m almost done and not being done!

    Very, very cute “Fumb” pictures. Mine is closer to three than four and still says Fumb. Does not suck it, however. Too busy chewing his fingernails!

    Helen’s last blog post..Florida Signs

  15. Your children have such beautiful eyes!

    Love the sleepy, thumb-sucking picture!

    Crissy’s last blog post..A question from Hunter

  16. Haha, I think your caption is pretty good. That’s what I would be saying, for sure! Your photos are wonderful, and I can’t wait to see more of them! =)

    PS – As a former thumb-sucker, I can attest to the fact that he’s not definitely doomed to orthodontics. I never had any. =)

    ashpags’s last blog post..Spontaneous Combustion

  17. Amazing pictures–and a great subject of course. πŸ™‚ And since you are a Mac girl too, a Mac photoshop tutorial would rock! (hint hint…)
    My mountain is Mt Bachelor in Oregon. And a Happy Birthday to you too! I was nannygoat too, and there was a boy in my class named Bill, and everyone called him billygoat. Very embarassing at age 11! I go by Nancy or Nance.

    Oh, and neither my brother nor I were thumbsuckers, but we sure were metalmouths for quite some time.

    phancynancy’s last blog post..Happy Birthday to me

  18. Aw, what a little honey!!! He’s just precious.

    Megan’s last blog post..4th Grade Boot Camp, Day Three. Oh boy.

  19. I need to check in here more often – your blog is delightful. Lovely photos, funny quirky thoughts, all very nicely put together. πŸ™‚

    susan (in socal)’s last blog post..Dads

  20. Those pics are DARLING!! I have you in my feed reader and love it πŸ™‚

    Hmmmm: “You want me to do what? In where?”
    Can you tell potty training is on my mind πŸ™‚ LOL.

    Unthaw? So freeze again? Seriously, how do these people survive? Kills me. Just kills me.

    Rachel’s last blog post..Let it Snow?

  21. There is nothing cuter than a grumpy little boy trying not to smile! : )

    Oh, BTW, Tag! You’re! It!

    Did you really think you were off the hook for mocking me?

    Kim’s last blog post..Tag, I’m It!

  22. Oh man, I never know what we are going to get when our 3 year old wakes up, usually though it seems we get the beast. Whining and screaming for no apparent reason, my son did it too, I wonder if they don’t have a headache or something?

    Thanks for the post on my blog,if you want here is my non-cooking blog. Check it out. http://zion-neosworld.blogspot.com/

    themaninthekitchen’s last blog post..OK what do you want?

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