Round Robin Photo Challenge: Shoes

Round Robin Photo

Today’s Round Robin Photo Challenge was “Shoes.”

It’s getting close to being what we call “Mud boot season” here. The snow actually starts to melt some and we finally get to see the ground more often. With that comes a lot of mud. Mud… mud… and more mud…

As you might imagine, my children love this season. I actually took this picture last year but I love it and this was a good excuse to share it!

These boots were made for trudging…

mud boots2

mud boots

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  1. I will assume that the red ones are yours. I know what you mean about mud season. We are having a melt day today and the mud is begining to creep up.

    Sarah Rogstad’s last blog post..Round Robin Challenge – Shoes

  2. Yowza!

    LOL. It’s so cool how the red boots stand out against the darker boots. 🙂 What a great photo! 🙂

    Always, Carly

    Carly’s last blog post..Round Robin Challenge: Shoes

  3. Great pictures. My grandson, who is 8, wanted a pair of those boots for his birthday and that’s exactly what he got. Now if I can just convince him to take them off before he comes in!

    Sandy’s last blog post..Round Robin – Shoes

  4. Oh, cool! I especially love the orange boots, and angle of the second shot.

    Karen Funk Blocher’s last blog post..Round Robin: Whose Shoes?

  5. Great shots, especially the second one with all the repeating ovals of the boot tops. Nice!


    Vicki’s last blog post..Round Robin Photo Challenge: Shoes

  6. I love your pictures. We don’t have a mud season but those boots are great for rainy days. I love that your’s are different.

    Sandcastle Momma’s last blog post..Round Robin Photo Challenge – Shoes!

  7. This is the first time I’ve really thought..”OH MY, Nan lives in a house full of men!”

    Pamela’s last blog post..Elvis Sighting

  8. I want those red boots! 😉 I especially like them in contrast to all the dark ones! Super angle of the shot, too. Great entry!

  9. I really like the design of the last photo. Is your mud the kind that will suck the boot off if you’re not careful?

    kiva’s last blog post..New Monday Photo Shoot #8: Show us something relaxing

  10. I wish I had me a pair of those boots. Yesterday I went to “watch” my boys at their dirt bike club and got roped into helping. My nice shoes were ruined. 😦

    Karisma’s last blog post..Craft updates

  11. I love the view from above the boots. And I wonder if we can do this challenge again in the summer and see what foot wear shows up!

    Sandra’s last blog post..Shoes… challenge

  12. LOVE those orange rainboots!

  13. u take the best pics!! 🙂

    I’ve tagged you on my blog… have fun with it!

    Heather’s last blog post..I’ve been tagged…

  14. I have to say I have always loved that photo. It just sums up your family…all boys and one bright and cheerful woman to go along in the mix. 🙂

    I also tagged you on my blog. I realy can’t wait to see your answers to the two I have posted.

    Greta’s last blog post..Tagged again…

  15. My boys love their rubber boots. Great photo of yours. Sorry so late getting to ya. I took a little bloggy break of my own.

    Robinella’s last blog post..Day One.

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