Brothers will never fail to surprise me. How they can go from throwing clumps of dirt at each other because they are mad that “he was digging in my mud pit!!” to showing the sweetest affection, I’ll never know. I’m sure I was never ever so volitile in my affections, ever in my life. Never. I’m just sure of it.

Just a few minutes ago I was sitting in the living room with my three older boys. Two of them had just come in from playing out in the yard together. They sat down to watch their brother playing his video game. The bigger brother sat in the little rocking chair. Accidentally finding that he was in a video game trance, the younger one was only able to back up from his current standing position as he was unable to unglue his eyes for long enough to find a seat of his own.

He accidentally backed onto his brother’s lap. Finding a lap there instead of just a chair he queried, “Can I sit on your lap?”

His brother started the beginning of a “Hey!!” though he didn’t get passed the “H…” before he changed his tune, ever so sweetly to, “Sure. You can sit on my lap. I guess that’s what big brother’s are for.” (Would I make this up?! I couldn’t. My imagination is not this powerful!)

There they sat, long enough for me to sneak up and grab my camera without them even noticing.

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This post was brought to you today by brotherly love.



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  1. Wow, what a great moment you captured. I’m trying to remember a time that my boys were that full of brotherly love…

    kacey’s last blog post..February Photo of the Month

  2. How sweet is that!

    Kim’s last blog post..What About Gifted Kids?

  3. Please send some of that my way. Mine are bickering day and night. Except when they are playing nicely together. Ok, I guess it isn’t as bad as it sounds in the moment.

    Very sweet.

    Robinella’s last blog post..Day One.

  4. That is a picture that makes all the hard days of parenting worth while!

    DanaBelleBurns’s last blog post..1st bike ride of 2008

  5. That is soo schweet! I have only one kid, but working on the next one!

  6. Beautiful pictures! This is the sweetest moment to be seen on camera between brothers! Awesomely sweet:)

    Becky’s last blog post..Updates

  7. that softened my face like oil of olay.

    Pamela’s last blog post..Spring Teasers

  8. So sweet – it melts my heart.

    My kids have done that once or twice themselves.

    Karmyn R’s last blog post..A Four Year Old Wisdom On Babies

  9. Oh! I w i s h! My boy would have shoved his little brother on the floor. He is such a sweetheart!

    Karisma’s last blog post..Interesting….

  10. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. A definite keepsake photo.

    Sandra’s last blog post..Like Being In A Movie (or a History book)!

  11. wow, that is truly awesome!!!

    Heather’s last blog post..Ramblings

  12. What lovely photos. I am always amazed at how my daughter and son can fight and in the next moment just LOVE each other.

    What kind of photo editing did you use? Is there a specific “action” for the vignette style that you created? I love it (photophile here!)

    Linda’s last blog post..Four….

  13. Don’t you just love it when they prove to you that the actually DO love each other! My kids seem to fight more often than not but they do have their moments where they are best friends. Those would have to be some of my favorite moments of motherhood.

    Risa’s last blog post..From Jozie to Her Cousin

  14. what a beautiful picture! I have two boys myself and hope they show each other this kind of love someday! (and I just read your profile…FOUR boys? that tires me out just to read it!!!)

    workout mommy’s last blog post..Move it Monday: prevent blogger’s butt

  15. Awww… this is so sweet. I was deadset on really praying for a girl next time but seeing this makes me think, I also want another boy. 🙂

    Jennie’s last blog post..Happy Birthday, My Dear Sister Rose!

  16. Now that’s one for the scrapbook that goes to Grandma and Grandpa for Grandparent’s Day! They’ll LOVE it! Take it from a Grandma 🙂


    Margaret’s last blog post..Making the Most of Your Day

  17. What a sweet post. I love the new look of your blog, Nan! I loved old look, too. Do you do all of this on your own? Great photos, too. I’m in awe.

    Jenni in KS’s last blog post..Paparazzi

  18. Wow, I love it when I can capture these kinds of special moments!

    WillThink4Wine’s last blog post..Candy Gram

  19. That has got to be one of the sweetest pictures I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing.

    Grace’s last blog post..Prove Me Wrong: Laughter Is Still The Best Medicine#links

  20. Wonderful pictures! My boys can be like that too. Kicking and hitting each other one minute and loving the next. It is a blessing to see their relationships with each other grow!

    Robin’s last blog post..YouTube Tuesday

  21. That is so sweet! I love the black & white too, it captures the sweetness of the moment.

  22. That was too sweet! As i read this, i was sitting here worrying about what if i never have a daughter…but i have a son, and if i only have sons, then i am blessed. thank you!

    Whitney’s last blog post..I’ve been featured

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