In which you find out about my dog's obsession

My dog is Obsessive Compulsive. I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned it before. Forgive me if I have.

He is obsessed… really and truly obsessed with stuffed animals and duct tape. Here we see him coddling a duck that does not belong to him along with a roll of duct tape.


“Mmmm wonderful duct tape. My favorite duct tape. I will hug him and kiss him and call him George.”

He pretty much wants all the stuffed animals in the house for himself. He doesn’t destroy them either. He just carries them around and looks at us with those guilt filled puppy dog eyes, especially when he has one that he knows is not his. Several weeks ago he adopted a bunny that did not belong to him. His name is Bun Bun. Bun Bun rightfully belongs to my youngest boy but since Bruce would not leave Bun Bun alone we finally just decided to give in and let him have Bun Bun already.


Big mistake. He now thinks he should own any stuffed animal that he finds lying around. If he is ever caught with one, like Mr. Ducky here, in his mouth he is told to drop it and he ever so sadly, ever so slowly, ever so hesitantly lays it down as if he’s a human control freak reluctantly relinquishing to a higher power something which he’d much rather keep under his own dominion. When he finds an apparently abandoned stuffy that appears to have no claim upon it he never snatches it. He just very gingerly and quietly takes it in his mouth, looking shiftily this way and that with his expressive eyebrows raising and lowering inquisitively, and then brings it to bed with him where he sits and licks it and coddles it and then promptly falls asleep on it.

Are you incredulous? Do you doubt?

Look. This is his bed right now.


Bun Bun, an alligator, a little dog named “Pup” and a lumberjack Moose are all found nestled together on Bruce’s bed. No stuffed animal is safe from being loved in this house, if not loved by a child then definitely by an Obsessive Compulsive Golden Retriever.



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  1. That is funny. At least it is not underware.LOL

    Sarah Rogstad’s last blog post..Weekend in Review

  2. LOL! Awww what a sweet dog. My dog licks trees, so count your blessings. 😉

    Mrs. Mecomber’s last blog post..Hotels Search Engine

  3. Love this! Dogs are so cute. I miss having one.

    Connie’s last blog post..Weekend Practice

  4. He is too cute! When I read that, title, I really felt for you for a second. I had a dalmation who was truly obsessive compulsive, and it didn’t involve cute stuffed animals. I was going to give you some lenghtly advise. Instead, my only advise is to give him a nice long belly rub from me.

  5. what a funny and sweet pup!

  6. Love this post. We had a golden that looked just like yours, and she used to have the same look on her face when she stole anything that belonged to my husband. Keys, wallet, shoes, clothing, as long as it had his smell. Her house would be full of his stuff!

    Jennifer Robin’s last blog post..Things That Turn My Crank

  7. I have a cat that loves to lick plastic bags.
    I have another cat that likes to lick the tape roll.
    I have another cat that is obsessed with anything denim.

    I have too many cats.

    Jill’s last blog post..Round Robin: A Nice Place to Sit

  8. Super, super cute dog, by the way.
    Truly the epitome of “puppy dog eyes.”

  9. If he was a she I would say “her” maternal instincts were in full throttle.

    Pamela’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Peg Leg

  10. so cute! chablis likes duct tape and stuffed animals too. except she likes to tear them to shreds.

    thanks for posting the new link (probably again) on the old blog! i kept thinking something was missing from my reader!

    Biddy’s last blog post..Did I Mention There Is A HOLE In My Dog?!

  11. No stuffed animal is safe in our house either! So cute is Bruce!

    Kim’s last blog post..Get Your Blog On at the Ultimate Blog Party!

  12. Four kids and a dog!! I think you must be crazy!! But he is reeeeeally cute!!

  13. Awww, sweet Bruce. At least his OC tendencies are tender and non-destructive. My dawg. Well, his tendencies lie in the chewing-up-the spines-of-my-old-books department. sigh. And I do mean OLD. Like, my 1890’s dictionary. Now, he did once chew thru my brand spanking new Mounce’s Biblical Greek and Garfield’s Shakespeare Stories, but I’m pretty sure that that was just on his way to …. GASP, my first edition To Kill a Mockingbird (nah, not the $40k real first edition, just the $400 bookclub edition). And that time he left the spine alone (I think we arrived home in time to stop him), but he tore right thru the beloved Truman Capote photo of Harper Lee. Dumb dawg. And lest you think dumb-*ME*, I had these books piled on the middle of the dining room table, not down at dog level. Happy Friday to you….

    susan (in socal)’s last blog post..Look who’s excited at my new look!!!

  14. AWWW, if he were a yellow lab I would swear he was related to our dog. He does the exact same thing with the kids stuffed animals, I had to hang them in a net from the Be glad stuffed animals are all he steals. The duct tape, well that is just strange..LMAO!

  15. Awww that dog is awesome! Goldens are the best! And you can’t blame him for retrieving!

    Great pics and a cute/funny story, thanks for sharing!

    Joyful Digesting’s last blog post..Digestive Help for Your Beloved Dog or Cat!

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