Can I call this art?

Because it feels like art when I am doing it…




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  1. I like… except the black hat. Why is that there?

    Cassie’s last blog post..Checking out the Teaching Program

  2. I don’t know. LOL I just liked it… :^D It seems like a hat from a bygone era and that sort of fits the “change” theme I guess… Or something. LOL

  3. I remember a conversation I had with my sister years ago. I told her that I wanted to do “digital art” on the computer. This was back in the early 90’s, mind you. She told me that I would have a hard time getting accepted as a legitimate artist because it was done on the computer.

    Times have changed. The tools available to us are so freakin’ awesome! I’m still plugging plugging away in CS2. I could stay busy for years with my camera, my computer, and Adobe Creative Suite.

    Elliott – 21st Century Dad’s last blog post..A New Father and a New Man

  4. Neat!

    Jenileigh’s last blog post..Thankful Thursday

  5. I like it, including the black hat! 🙂

    Jacqueline’s last blog post..Carnival of Canadian Home Educating Bloggers

  6. I love it! It looks like it was loads of fun to create! I would be interested to see what the raw materials were…you know sort of a before and after.

  7. Not sure but what is that? a bird? ooops. I’m not really good at looking at art. hehee.


    Laarni’s last blog post..I Can Also Do This Job

  8. Laarni, which thing are you wondering about? 🙂

  9. Very cool! I like the dog pictures and the little girl showing countries on the map too. Nice blog.

    Rhea’s last blog post..Speaking car

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