Two year olds and Mispronunciations

They can be sort of funny. For the record, we did not know he would sing it this way. (That part is true.) And once we did know he would sing it this way… well, I swear that we did not try to make him sing it… no matter what it looks like on the video. Honest.  (That part is not exactly true.)


Try to ignore my voice.  I hate my voice on video.  It’s probably really my voice but I don’t hear it that way.  I always think I sound like an 8 year old boy on video.



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  1. So cute! and I love your voice.

    annie’s last blog lift fridays ~ forgetting the past

  2. You gotta love those little kid mispronounciations!

    Our Kevin always used the letter n instead of L. He had a stuffed lamb that we called his little lamb. He called it nittle namb. very cute!

    Danielle & Jeff’s last blog post..Graduation and summertime

  3. Too cute! LOL 🙂 I love reminding my kids of how they used to say things when they were little! Now you will actually be able to show him what he said! 🙂

    Risa’s last blog post..Lukeisms

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