Can you guess?

Can you guess what book my boy read today?  It called for a change in our lunch  menu…




I’m very proud of him.



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  1. Love this book! We did the same thing many moons ago. Great pictures!

    Jacqueline’s last blog post..A pause for what is truly important

  2. And he even cooked the eggs himself! I’m impressed! Great job, Buddy!

  3. I do not like green eggs ( or any eggs really ) nor ham. But Im glad your kiddos enjoyed them.

    Valerie’s last blog post..Drowning

  4. we did this too a few weeks ago…such fun. and the kiddos still ask me to make them some every once in a while.

    leah belle’s last blog post..No Words Necessary!

  5. LOL Funny stuff girl!

    Tara’s last blog post..Ugh

  6. Oh, do I ever love that video! How wonderful! I can’t wait to have young ones of my own to make Gak/Oobleck and green eggs and ham with. How fun!

    Have you seen my new blog? I provided the link and would love your opinion!

    Lacy’s last blog post..Eggplant Parmesan (SUPER EASY)

  7. So cool but totally disgusting all at the same time!

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