Have I told you how much we love this song?

Today I walked in on my kids doing this:

Kids Singing Welcome Wagon from Nancy Doud on Vimeo.

And lest I be accused of false advertising, my kids do not spend all of their time in exuberant praise and worship, singing songs from Malachi.  If only it were so.  They spend the other 3/4 of their time beating each other up and running back and forth creating deep ruts in the linoleum and carpet as well as oily kid-hand streaks down the halls.

Please go buy this CD (or grab it at your iTunes store) right now:  Welcome to the Welcome Wagon. It’s the best!

UPDATE! The Welcome Wagon loves the video so much that they might put it up on the Asthmatic Kitty Records website! My kids feel famous!



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  1. Love the music and I love the room! You know, that room really did turn out well didnt it. Doncha love it when the kids are all playing together…brings a special warmth to your heart.

    Screwed Up Texan’s last blog post..Mormons and Big Love on the Blog Frog

  2. Super cute. It’s amazing how those songs stick with them.

    Why must they constantly touch walls? Why?

    Mindee@ourfrontdoor’s last blog post..Expounding On The Blogroll

  3. “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


    Pamela’s last blog post..A Trillion ….

  4. That is so funny. I love it. See, this is proof that you really DO feed your kids junk food and sugar for breakfast! 🙂

    Danielle & Jeff’s last blog post..Whatever!

  5. Very cute! The bedroom looks super cool too. I found you on my friend’s blog roll and thought I’d check all her favorite blogs out.

    Greetings from Nebraska!

  6. Love the video — and LOVE the room! Very cool!

  7. My little one, Hannah, loved the room. I think she wants one just like. It’s wonderful to be able to sing praises with our children!

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