The Zlooksh

Last Summer my son got a book from a local bank when he went there with his Dad.  I don’t know why the bank was giving out children’s books but they were.  I’m sure it was a literacy promotion program or something like that.  It was called The Zlooksh by Dominique Demers.  I believe it was first written in French and then translated by Sarah Cummins into English.  The art, by someone named Fanny (no last name shown) in the book is really cute.  I hadn’t really thought of the book much at all since my son came home from the bank with it.  It’s a book about an imaginative little boy who made up a new creature to be his favorite animal and then drew a picture of it for a school assignment wherein they were instructed to draw their favorite animal.

The only reason I have gone on and on telling you about the book is that my 7 year old came to me with this adorable rendition of the Zlooksh today.  I think it’s my favorite animal now too.

Is that not the cutest thing ever?


8 thoughts on “The Zlooksh”

  1. Okay, son #2, enter that drawing in an art contest. It’s a winner! Creative, colorful, well-done. I’d give it a blue ribbon.

  2. That’s so funny…! The whole time I was thinking that was #1’s work! …until I read the first comment! Good job TD!!! Love it! :^)

  3. So very cute! I love your kids’ work. I read the other recent posts, too. I laughed about that bunny lady…yikes! And the two lines you mentioned are the two that struck me as well! Too much!

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