Our Friday

All in a day’s play.  The following pictures are all from Friday.

Have I mentioned how much I love Summertime?  Here are my “boys of Summer” playing ball with their Dad yesterday afternoon.

Check out this wind-up!


AND the pitch!


Did you see the ball in mid-air?  Looks like Buster on the right there isn’t exactly prepared for what’s coming at him.  The pitcher in that scenario has decided that he LOVES baseball.  I told him that Uncle Phil would be proud because he was a pitcher in high school.  He then contrived a plan.  “After we go on our vacation this Summer, can we go to California please?”  “Why, so you can play ball with Uncle Phil?”  “Yeah.”  (He’s a very serious little boy.  There was nothing remotely “cute” about this conversation to him of course.)  Who knows, maybe a trip to California is possible in the not so distant future…




boys ball 2

Umm… my dog really loves to smell flowers.

sally smells iris

On the spur of the moment (by that I mean it was 5pm), I asked our dear friends if they wanted to come help us eat the ginormous bowl of pasta salad I had made for dinner. I’m so glad they are as spontaneous as we are. She brought tacos for the kids and we ate yummy pasta salad.  It was a beautiful arrangement.  Plus, the boys got to play together and my friend and I got to take pictures!!



Surely this much cuteness isn’t legal.  (Or at least it will soon be government regulated along with everything else.)




I love this one…






Oh, look!  The first strawberry of the season in our yard!  I ate it because I planted it and watered it and tilled the ground, etc.  Sorta like The Little Red Hen.  It was very yummy.





And that was our Friday.



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  1. We ALWAYS enjoy our time with y’all. Thanks for livin’ the spontaneous life with us! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh girl you have SO MUCH TALENT! Not sure which would be my favorite…love the second to last one and the mother holding baby photo. You are so stinkin’ gifted and using your God-given talents. You brought a smile to my face.

    Screwed Up Texan’s last blog post..Independence Day Celebration

  3. Our pleasure Holly!

    Thanks Allie! You are so encouraging! :^D

  4. Uncle Phil was doing a bit of throwing and catching as well this past weekend! ;).
    I think your idea of traveling to CA is just grand! How I hope it works out in the near future!

  5. You are a very gifted photographer!! These are amazing pictures… and the baby shots…beautiful!


    Amanda’s last blog post..Sugar Cookies 101

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