Easy Subjects…

Some subjects are just too easy.  You walk away from the photoshoot and you wonder if there was a bad picture in the bunch (even though you know there always is, you have a feeling the only real trouble will be picking just one picture).  This little girl is the daughter of one of my friends.  She is auditioning for commercial acting work and needed a headshot done so we got together this morning and as they say, “got ‘er done”.  She is obviously very easy to photograph!

e42 bw



e45 bw







e10 bw




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  1. So photogenic – love those freckles!

  2. Oh what lovely photos!! Do you have a little studio set up in your house now? I need to make some room in our apt. to do something like this! Do you have special lighting too?? Just another camera junkie..lol.

    Greta’s last blog post..16/365

  3. Oh Nancy~~~she is so cute. These are amazing pics. She must just be thrilled.

    Charlene Austin’s last blog post..Embellish – Stripes

  4. What a great little face! I love those freckles. 🙂

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