Lovely Frost and Lovely Friends

Winter weather can really grate on a person after a while.  You just want to go somewhere and see color.  You get tired of going back and forth between slushy parking lots and icy parking lots.  You kinda just want to be warm again.  However, winter weather has its advantages too.  Hoary frost is an example of this.  (Hoary – 1. gray or white as with age)  For those of you unfamiliar with snow and the many types of snow hoary frost is what happens when you mix fog and below freezing temperatures.  (Well, there a few different types of hoary frost so there are a few different ways for it to happen; ice, snow, fog, etc.)  But we had a dense fog and a cold front roll in just the other night and we woke up to a lovely morning of hoary frost.  ANYWAY, it’s beautiful for pictures and I just so happened to get to take a friend’s picture today so we had to get some pictures with the hoary frost.



















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  1. Oh, these are luscious! I especially like the second one. Also the second one in the dark sweater. She’s sure photogenic.

  2. that frost made for a perfect back drop. Of course you had a good subject, too.

    Pamela’s last blog post..Fun Monday Dirty Haiku

  3. Nan,
    I love the pictures you’ve been taking of all those pretty pictures! Really nice work…
    and by the way…
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
    love ya,

  4. These are so beautiful!
    If you take my picture will I look so gorgeous in EVERY SINGLE ONE?! I suppose you have to BE gorgeous for that to happen. What a lovely lady-her smile is fantastic. You must have had fun.
    Those trees are amazing, too.

  5. How cold was it?
    She looks perfectly comfortable out there in the frost :o)
    I actually especially LOVE the light on the indoor shots!!!

    Sweet, sweet window light!

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