Some of my favorite pictures from 2012

Because my blog is just coming back to life after being tended to on such an irregular basis for the past little while, I haven’t been posting very many pictures. Part of the reason is that outside of shooting weddings, I’ve actually not been taking quite the volume of “everyday” pictures that I have in the past. I intend to change that this year and remember that the camera is not just for work but for home and every day life. It used to be all I photographed and I need to recover the camera as something I use every single day to capture life. The other reason that I’ve posted fewer pictures is just that we’ve been so. stinking. busy. Life is a regular whirlwind.

But I wanted to share some of my favorite non-wedding pictures that I’ve taken over the last year.




second kitty












swings2 eb



This is their album cover.  I just know it.  I love this picture.

The light, oh the light!

Man, I love this flower.



Hopefully in the next few days I’ll post some of my favorite wedding pictures I’ve shot this year.



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  1. I love that your everyday photos are so beautifully artistic! 🙂 I can never get that sparkle in my kids’ blue eyes!! It is elusive…

  2. Wonderful!

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