New Beginnings…

Life is full of sad goodbyes. For every sad goodbye there is a new beginning of some sort.

January 3rd was a sad goodbye. Many tears were shed. And some still eek out the corners of my eyes when I think about sweet Bruce. But as the little fern over Brucie’s grave reminds us, we have to always start again. Whether your talking dogs or jobs or friendships or whatever, life is full of sad goodbyes… and also full of new beginnings.

Russell is the new beginning that became a member of our family on Sunday.

Russell is a one year old Boxer mix. He was a found puppy (probably abandoned) who eventually found his way to the home of a wonderful foster mom who lives on a small farm in Sebastapol. She pretty much perfectly prepared him for a busy family life. He spent three months with her getting used to cats, goats, horses, free range chickens, children… you name it. So far he takes almost everything in stride. He is an absolute sweetheart and, as you can see, we are pretty much already in love with him. He’s still a puppy so he still likes to chew on stuff but he is so obedient. A real tribute to the time and commitment his foster mom put into him over the last few months. He got a fabulous start with her and we are so thankful that she thought us a worthy family for this sweet guy.

Our hearts are happy.



2 thoughts on “New Beginnings…”

  1. I’ve been meaning to come back and comment…I’m so sorry about Bruce, but how sweet it is to see you all with a new family member.
    And I also thought you would like to know that when my son was looking at your pictures with me, he said,”Where’s the mom again?” So I pointed to you, and he said,”Whaaa…that does not look like the mom. That looks like a teenager.” 🙂 So, woohoo for you and your youthful self!

  2. @Christina Well your son is on my favorites list. Especially since my birthday was yesterday and I’m now officially on the high side of my thirties! 🙂

    We miss Bruce. Russell is doing really well for the most part. He definitely has a penchant for chewing but he’s under my watchful eye most of the time so far so it hasn’t been a huge issue yet. The biggest thing we can’t understand is how he keeps managing to escape his crate and make it look like he locked it up again from the outside!! Seriously… this dog is Houdini!

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